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Wednesday, February 04, 2004 10:33 PM
S Club 8 News

Well, S Club 8 have officially disappeared back to the studio to record their 3rd album, therefore, there won't be many performances by them for the next couple of weeks. Rumour has it that their next single is going to be "Turn The Lights On" from their Sundown album. Btw, anyone who sees this blog, does anyone have an S Club 8 layout for blogs? Plz reply through the tagboard. And also, the fansite, S Club 8 Fever, is back, the webmistress has requested for me to spread this 'news', so click on the link and visit the site! Ciao S Club 8 Fever

8:03 PM
Update scheudule

Ok, let me get this straight here. For my blog, i'll update a few times a week. For S Club 8 updates, it's whenever i get news about them. For chao pets, i'll update at least one a week, on saturday, i would update about anime whenever i'm free. Ok, thts it. Ciao

7:50 PM
"Taxi-driver's" get together

Hihi, sry, was s'pose to blog yesterdae, but i forgot. Heh:P. Anyway, i'm gonna blog about my fren's, "taxi-driver's", get together on saturday. Well, me, stack, franx, daze and hannah were invited, as well as obh, celestial_legend and havoc. I was third one to get there. First was havoc, then hannah. After that daze came. taxi-driver had ordered some pizzas for those who did not have lunch. So i juz sat at the arm of one of the chairs while the rest ate the pizza, then after that i went to watch hannah play LF2. Then stack came, then obh and celestial_legendstupid taxi-driver he kept on being so weird, that he started to kick a soccer ball around his house, then after that we started throwing a BASKETBALL around his computer room! LMAO! We were practically throwing it all over the plce, then accidentally hit GLASS of coke of the table and onto the floor, luckily the glass din break. After that, we went to play basketball, the girls and i stopped at the playground first, and the boys were to the court. After that, while we were looking for the court, we bumped into franx who followed us. Eventually hannah called celestial_legend's hp and taxi-driver told us where to go. Then we watched the guys play basketball wif hannah for a while. Then all of us, except havoc and celestial_legend, JUMPED INTO THE SWIMMING POOL WIF OUR CLOTHES ON!! LOL! it was so fun! the security guard saw us and juz told us to be very careful, he must kno taxi-driver very well. Anyway, we played a bit of 'basketball' and wrestling combined(when we had to fight for the ball), after that, me and hannah ran bak to change, coz our dads were on the way to pick us, then i went bak first. It was a cool day. Hopefully, someone else of the gang will plan somethin soon!