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Monday, March 15, 2004 7:10 PM


I juz found another homework assignment in my sch bag!! A diff. subject somemore... this one is chinese......
WTF... my sch think we're super women?? I have so many projects to finish in six dayz! I had to take todae off bcoz of my cousins...

12:51 AM

I showed my mother my progress report todae. Did well for everything(A1), except for English(A2), which IS NOT bad. Now, the 'rentz want to sign me up for English Tuition. You know what? I actually promised myself that i will not get myself into TOO many tuitions, i know what's it's like, i had to go through it for PSLE.
Mother tellz me to try it out... TRY IT OUT???!!! I STARTED @ THT SAME TUITION CENTRE EVER SINCE K2, ON AND OFF!! I do not want to do that tuition centre, they practically do more or less the same thing for every batch, Sakuragi went through it, seemz like he still got tht A2, B3... i dunno what mark he got! Guess what? The centre don't actually follow the syllabus. My sch does a different kind of syllabus
I don't need the tuition! I'm already re-learning NOUNS in school. The CA average is not only my test, it's my stupid projects as well, sheesh, it's like, as if my CA average is only based on my english tests, i still have PROJECTS, U KNO?!!!! I didn't even fail in THE FIRST PLACE!!
Ok, sorry, i juz had to let tht out. But i really dun wanna join the english tuition, not tht i'm bias towards the centre, it's a really excellent tuition programme centre, but i've been there for so long already, i'm kind of bored and tired of it.
I don't want to go for another tuition... now that Media Camp is over... my duties as a media clubber will be coming up, as well as prob. more homework and projects from school, since i'll be starting thingz like history and D&T nxt term, as well as from Media club.
I want freedom-time to have with myself. True, the tuition would help me more, but then again, i'll just have brain wreckage from over stress-ness.
Mom and dad---If you see this entry, you got a right and reason to tell me off, but i'm telling truth here... I don't need or want the tuition. I already have enough stress from the FOUR projectz i need to finish over the march holiday week, i had three dayz taken away. I've only got seven dayz left....