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Sunday, March 21, 2004 8:32 PM

Grr... I am so pissed. Someone has dissed S Club 8!!!
Ok, juz today i was at the S Club Eight Forum and apparently someone found this text that was put up on another website, they didn't say which site, the site webmasters actually found it elsewhere. W.I.S.H.E.S, let me know what you think of this:

"Whoa there. Any pop promotion that begins with the sentence "S Club 8 are being hailed as the saviours of pop…" is on seriously dangerous ground.

Who says so – executives at their record company Polydor?

S Club 8 make disposable pop. Saviours they are not. Indeed Sundown could very well be a watershed album.

They can no longer hide behind the "juniors" shadow. They are replacements for S Club 7, a promotion that has sadly come about two years too early for the youngsters.

The trouble the 8 have is that they either sound just like they did when they were juniors or they sound like juniors trying to be S Club 7.

Let’s face it – they’re still kids, their fan base might remain but many have defected to the Busted camp and it’s doubtful they’ll be taking on many new recruits.

They’re not helped by songs that are bland. The first two singles (Sundown and Fool No More) are acceptable fodder and their cover of Kool and the Gang’s Big Fun might sell a few but elsewhere it’s very much "heard it all before only better."

Rush is just dreadful, full of wimpy sounding hi-energy synths. I Just Came To Dance returns (again) to the tried and tested S Club formula – the vocoder.

And whoever thought it was a good marketing ploy to have Calvin and Jay holding bicycles on the CD cover. Just what is your market?

Drawn To You’s not bad though – I can just see all those glitter sticks being waved in the air.

Sundown is released on Polydor.
2/5 "

Can you believe their rudeness? I mean, they are so talking BULLSH!T here! Stupid baka-sarus who is behind this "speech"

1:03 AM

Hi, well, majace came over today. We did a bit of karoake singing and then some weird dancing and stuff. (Shuckz... should've invited the others if possible, stupid me!) Well, anyways, we watched Mary-Kate and Ashley starring in "The Challenge" Then came back up and did more weird karoake and dancing. LOL...

SIgh.... i really really really wanna go bak to P6, i want that life i had back.... Anyone know how to reverse time??? Lol... highly impossible.

P.S Hey mr lim, if u read this, is there by any chance u can bring all the 6Cians of 2003 back for at least a month of Primary 6 schooling? Plz! Plz! Plz! :P