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Monday, April 12, 2004 9:18 PM

Heh... 3 entries in one day... man, i must be gettin real bored wif myself.

I juz found out tht some galz in my class have b/fs already! Lol.... believe or not! Yep they do. I think one of them is quite long term, she's obsessed and i keep on hearing the guy's name... must've confirmed it wif at least 5 ppl. Lol...

My bro's mate oso has a girlfren... i have reason to believe tht he's two-timin her, coz i found out tht my bro's mate lykz my cousin as well!! LOL...

Oh!! i kno i kno! My 2nd cousins, Sam and Kyle!! They're looking for girlfrenz at the mo', in fact... Kyle juz pierced his ear so tht he could attract galz. According to my aunt, they're spending their time and money. Lol... shd encourage them, they'll both do well, they got the lookz! Hahahahahahaha...

Soz to Sam and Kyle!! :P

Well, gtg for dinner. Ciao

8:11 PM

Me again... i finished my sch hw, and my tuition 'cher isn't here yet, so i juz felt lyke blogging again.
I was juz reading my old P5/P6 diary, bringz bak loads of memories... Heh, still rmb the time Majace brought a soccer ball, and we ended getting stalked by the boys coz they didn't have their own to use, so they wanted to steal Majace's.

All my secrets are in there, heh.. who says im gonna let u kno??? :P

Well, now im reading my old blog, it shows my biology camp, sentosa camp and stuff... it was so fun!! Dun u juz luv P6 life?? I do! Well... i hope i can hold a sleepover or go shopping or something...

Nxt burfday comin up= Arnold, 20 May (i think) heh...


7:39 PM

Heya!! Well, poor dad is here at home wif a bad sore throat. Poor thing....

I had my NAPFA- 5 stations today. here's the result:
Sit-ups= 37(A)
Pull-ups= 7(C)
Shuttle Run= Forgot to
Sit and Reach= 40.5 (B or C)
Standing Broad Jump= 135... suckz(E)

I suck @ standing broad jump, i almost failed :'( Ah well, glad thtz over. i'd probably get a bronze, as usual... heh.
Well, no updates, except they have updated the sclub8official site wif Frankie's Fact File, and i think the competition for Daisy's Fact File is up. The clubbers have been doin... well.... loads of tutoring and sch work, i think between stuff, they gotta catch up wif their school homework.
Well, i juz got this Career Guide 2004 bk, i kno.. itz a little early, but i found it to be very interesting reading. My dream job was a professional dancer, but my parents both say tht i shd have a profession(main job), and dancing could be my hobby/past time. I kinda agree wif them, so i'm juz checking through wad interests me. We'll see.