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-Isaiah 40:31

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004 8:38 PM

Me again!

So, i was reading my P6 diary and i tuned on some audios, and S Club's "Say Goodbye" started playing. I juz suddenly felt so miserable, i dunno why. I really miss my P6 life. W.I.S.H.E.S seem to be getting on very well in their schools.

I'm not saying i'm not, my sch is great! Juz tht, i think i may have been a bit withdrawn frm my classmates. *Apologizes to classmates* I'm starting to act like my brother... lol... but being in an all-girls' school isn't exactly my thing. I'm a mix-sch kinda girl. All-girls' are damn mature.

Rogue isn't really enjoying herself either. She's dreaming one day she and i, and maybe W.I.S.H.E.S can migrate to England. Heh.. but then family all here at home, so i'm a bit reluctant, but anywayz, it's juz a dream.

Sigh... ciao

8:19 PM

Hi!Well, guess wad? My dear friend has convinced me to be a co-writer on writing teen stories. So she and i are going to work on a series of stories on a 15-year-old fictional American character named Leslie Athena Crane. So, i'll be adding stories abt this character through my fan fiction site. Heh... :P

Not much today. Had my english compre test, stayed back to work on my photostory project. Thx to Cat for staying bak to help me and Trang. Hahaha...

Rachel, my senior, got another note frm Debbie, and one frm me, debbie made me write it.. lol... blame debbie on everything... heh heh... juz jokin, don't take it seriously debbie, if u see this.

Sighz... veri sian, got two tests tmr: Maths and History. Sian...

Gtg.. ciao!