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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Thursday, April 22, 2004 7:14 PM

Hi me again. At home now. i added a new link me button! =). Heh features daisy.

So i got a new media club project, but it's still unofficial, which means that i don't need to start on it yet. Anyway, i'm already very stressed coz i have a science project and language arts project. Plus i still gotta cope wif tuition work and updating my fiction site, otherwise majace and hanz will scream... LOL...

Ok, well, me gonna comment on Media Club. The ppl there are so cool and nice!! No one there is... well, bitchy. Me gonna list my fav seniors.

Fav Seniors:
Sec 2- Rachel, Sonia, Jolene, Charmaine, Andrea, Anglia,
Sec 3- Cicilia, Trang
Sec 4- Haha... Amanda and Genevieve.. simple!

M.C rox!! Lol... gtg! Still gotta mathz hw


5:21 PM

Wah sian ah.... I wanna go shopping, but got all sorts of weird tests and the gang got midyear and all... veri sian....

Anywayz, dixon already promise me that he will take neoprintz wif me and the gang nxt time. Now to convince havoc... that dude damn heck-care. Mayb oso ask OBH and OWH to come along oso, but then they dun like to hang out wif girls, wad to do?? Hahaha...

So, me in media club now. Din have tests today *celebratez* lol... my poor senior is down-in-the-dumps at the mo'... poor thing.

Aiyah... debbie chasing me away liao. K, gtg. buai-buai...Lol....*evil debbie*