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Friday, April 23, 2004 10:49 PM

Well, i feel a lot better now after tokin to mom....

I hate it when mom makez lots of sense... coz she then over-rulez me in speech... ARGH! lol...

So, i'm juz gonna let it pass, hopefully, Rayna, Aswani and Liwen won't take the matter too seriously, i will join back the grp, if when Rayna tellz Ms Yeo, who in turn sayz we cant switch, or if i don't even do anything in vanessa's grp... i dunno really.

I also talked to mom abt how im not enjoying the all-girlz atmosphere... I mean, let's face it... i'm a mix-sch student here. I miss my primary six class. But then mom told me i juz have to face reality here. I'll get through it... i hope... i realli can't wait for JC.


7:06 PM

Hi... well had a bad day.

Me, cat and Daohui wanted to switch out our grp to vanessa's grp for PSE. So we did lah, then we forgot to tell our grp members... so now Aswani, Li Wen and Rayna are mad at me and cat.

Ok, it was our fault that we didn't tell all of them. and they won't forgive us leh... definitely not lah. I tried talking to both Aswani and Li Wen... it didn't work out well.

I dunno how we're gonna do the musical now... coz me and cat are still in their grp. *argh!!* One stupid thing... and i lose at least three friendships.... sighz.. how unfair can life get?

Aswani and Li Wen already told me that Rayna will be telling Ms Yeo... i want them to actually.... but then Vanessa is scared that Ms Yeo will ask 'If u cant co-operate wif them in this PSE project, then how can u do the musical?'

Cat and Vanessa tried to reason wif Aswani once again... and again it didn't work out.

I juz thot of something... Li Wen said that me and cat are welcome to go bak to their grp... BEFORE we go to the orphange wif Vanessa's grp. I still dunno if i can go tmr in the first plce, mother hasn't given an ans. If tmr isn't the official date of the visit, and mayb im not free on the official day we're going...

Do u think i can still rejoin li wen's grp?

Sighz... I realli agree wif Rogue now... My life is beginning to go down the drain even more...

W.I.S.H.E.S, u dunno how lucky you are.