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Friday, May 07, 2004 8:18 PM

Nothing to say, except- I miss her already.

She's a great principal, and i've only known her for five months, now she's gone. I got the news today. Hid my sadness while going to tuition, broke down at my tuition teacher's hse, broke down again and at home, broke down once again when my brother consoled me.

She did wonderful things for the school and for us girls of SMSS. Everything we said was taken into consideration for our beneficial by her. It goes to show we all love her- a lot of ppl cried today; mainly sec2 girls and female teachers. Ms Yeo said a prayer before we all left school, and she cried profusely as she said and after she said.

Some girls in my class cried too. The teachers were to stay in class to console those who did. I'm a bit angry at some sec4/sec5. During assembly, Mrs khoo on her upset state had to announce abt Mrs Lee, and said that the exams were postponed to nxt term... guess wad happened?? Some of them cheered!! Can u believe it? Some friends of mine ran from the media today. Cameramen managed to get into the sch...

Well... at least now Mrs Lee is in a better plce without worries, suffering etc. Hope the Lord keeps her safe.

"We love you, Mrs Lee"--- frm St. Magaret's Secondary School