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Thursday, May 20, 2004 10:18 PM

Yay!!! Dixon says that he's prob coming!!

So now we got dixon, pammie-hanz, majace(most likely) and nikki(mayb) lol.. ok.

So todae we went through Story Boarding in Media Club. And the sec1's were all auctioned off in grpz for Video Awards, which is obviously a video competition of something or the other. I got paired wif stephanie teja and sharon lim. So now we all feel like cattle being sold to ppl for farming..argh..

Oh yeah, i plan to go watch Confessions' nxt week, my cuz taz(sec1) and rach(P6) wd prob come along too. It depends, i'll def. ask the galz.

That's all for now. Gtg bathe.


4:27 PM

Hihi, me in M.C now.

Ok, so we juz havin a nice 'normal' dae in english, pick up litter, praying etc. Then ms yeo suddenly gets serious and tells us of complains and 'comments' frm a few teachers abt our attitude towards learning.

Bloddy hell ah. Lemme guess the teachers who complained: Mr Lim, Mrs Lo, Ms Tan(<--the worst!) and prob Ms Wang. I not sure abt Mr Bayliss. Stupid sia. They complain, dunno how to get our side of the story lor.

Heck ah, forget abt it now. Oh wow... andrea's lecturing rachel juz now.... LMAO!!! Ah well, Mr foo has gone out to buy something, and rachel won't tell me wad it is... evil... i heard something abt cake tho... someone's birthdae??? lol...

Ok, besides all that crap, got nothin much to sae now. Haha... andrea's running bak and forth checking for non-media club members, coz mr foo gonna blame her if there are any non-members using the comz.. :P

Yay!!! My bro got Pokemon Colesseum... Hahah... call me childish! Lame... anywayz, it's so cool. But they have damn limited number of pokemon, so sad :(

0k so now wad??? Dunno leh. heh heh