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Saturday, May 22, 2004 8:31 PM

Todae was like one of the greatest daez ever!!!

Ok, it started out neutral, then boring, then great!! Neutral was during the pet-a-thon walk. mom, sakuragi, joyce and i took Angel(golden retriever) to the route walk at a park nearby the sch. It was a really short route though.

Later was the pet-a-thon, it was so boring!!! There was nothing to do!! The only thing that was fun was that i got my picture taken wif Angel :P. After 9.30, dixon came to join me, and obviously got bored and quiet after a while. U kno when i was looking for him in the canteen, i actually saw him, but i thought that he was someone's Ah Beng brother, then when i called him, i saw the same guy pick up his phone, then i realised it was dixon.

We headed home at abt 10.05. Then Sakuragi, dixon and i were playing gamecube for a while. Then pammie-hanz came frm sch, she joined us in the game. Then Majace came soon after.

Later, we went up to my room and kinda trashed the plce wif a squeshie lemon thingy... lol. I got a video to prove our existence in my webcam database! Haha...

Abt 1.30, we left for the cinema, we got there at about 2.20, so we went to eat at Long John's Silver first. Dixon made me ran away from Majace and pammie-hanz, hoping tht they would come looking for us. While waiting, i went into KFC to buy an ice lemon tea, i was damn thirsty!! But when they didn't come, we went bak to Long John's silver and shared a packet of fries with them.

we had to wait until about 2.45 before shadowlessOWH, jared and everlaster came. Havoc was invited, but he couldn't be bothered to come. Evil...We went up to buy tickets, then Dazie came. Pammie-hanz left soon after. Unfortunately, Troy and Van Helsing were sold out. So we were busted. The boys decided on going bowling. So we went up to the bowling alley upstairs.

Me and dazie went down to the arcade first. Then dixon called us up. By the time we got there, it was too late, they had started the game and didn't want to restart it. So me and dazie juz sat there watching, and laughing at some of the weird jokes dixon was pulling on the main screen.

I bowled horribly. It was like... i got 32 after 10 rounds?? Lol.. im pathetic. I was nicknamed "Retarted Strawberry" on the bowlers' thingy. Then coz of the fact tht dixon fooled around wif the main screen too many times. I think the front counter attendant switched off our main screen, so that we wouldn't fool around wif it anymore.

the screen read "Do Not Touch The Screen" or something like that. While the boys played one more round, the girls and i headed to the arcade again to train up our parapara freestyle. Guess what?? I cleared the whole normal level free-style stage. Nxt time im gonna do the hard lvl free-style!! YAY!!

The boys joined us later, and dixon and jared tried to sabo me while i was doing the game. There was one point when my mom called to check on me, but i had started dancing. So i was talking and using one hand to dance, then if i needed two hands, i used... my leg!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA....

It was so funny! Lol... then majace's mum came to pick us up. I sms-ed dixon to ask him to say bye to the others for me and majace.

Man, i realli wish we could go out and hang around like that again. Todae was so fun, i can't wait for the nxt time.