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Monday, May 24, 2004 5:23 PM

I say, man, Mdm Tan, the lady who teaches Lino-cut, her assistant is flirtatious. Hey, dun get me wrong, i dun mean to be mean, but i was so freaked out todae!

So normal session, we started lino-cut, then i dunno wad happened lah, while Mdm Tan was explaining what to do, he was walking around, and then when he passed by me, i sorta felt someone tapping my shoulder, i dunno how many fingers, but i juz felt it, i was like "Er..."

Then when me and Jaslyn doing our printing, jaslyn was faster than me. So while she was getting her fourth one painted, i was putting up my third print. Then the guy was like "Must be faster, you see valerie? She already putting up hers" When Jaslyn told me that, i was like "What?!! How he know my name ah?" Reason: He found my lino-cut somewhere in a seperate stack at the start of the lesson, so of coz have to read my name lah, then passed it to me.

Ok, so after that, he started flirting off. Guess what? This other classmate of mine and me were the main targets! sure die... he is not good-looking leh... ok fine, he ok lah, but not my type, i mean seriously! He asked both of us when was our birthday, so my classmate is daring, she told him. I didn't...:P

Anyway, after that he tried to ask my classmate for her number!! Damn flirtatious, man. You know what? He's actually eighteen! Jaslyn and I were like "For a twenty-plus lookalike, he sure is daring to flirt with 13-year-olds," You should've seen it. He hung around my classmate's table to help her with the lino-cut prints. So i'm was like "Whoa..." Then when i went to tell my classmate that, she said "Oh my goodness!!"

Then this biebie went to tell him that one of my ex-classmate was my B/F...... i mean EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! as if!!!!!! *scrunches up face and vomits blood*

When we were cleaning up, i scrunched up a newspaper into a ball to throw away. He walked past me and said "Juz throw lah, dun need to scrunch up unti like that," So i juz rolled my eyes and shot back, "Sorry lah," I threw the paper ball into the trash, but it landed on the ground instead. Then i dunno exactly wad he said, but it was something like "..... u all very rude hor? Cant even throw into dustbin," I ignored him and juz said back "Then i throw at you lah!"

But then, my classmate got it worse than me. Back in the classroom, she was teased and was a pretend bride for a wedding; the groom was mdm tan's assistant. *sympathizes* I lost my pencil in the art room, dunno where the hell it is. So biebie and annabella dragged me downstairs to look for it. But i didn't find it. Ah well

My classmate is s'pose to go to get her personal lino-print tmr. I wanna follow her and remind that the dude that he owes me and her presents. Well, he did ask for our birthdays, obviously he would sent present if he knows, right?? LOL...