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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, May 31, 2004 10:53 PM


I managed to do a bit of my hw todae. Luckily. Tmr i got eng oral *bleah*, i hate secondary oral....

I have officially ran outta tooth paste, so i've been tooth mousse to brush my teeth instead for the past few nights... HAHAHAHAHA...

Me and Rogue now share an account on the PopStarNetwork Forum, our user name is Angel~arC. Heh heh... i met this person on the forum. Name's Jazzy. Nice amd Interesting tinker. We chatted a while.

Ok... now what? I dunno..... hmm.......... i wonder how my dear classmate is doin wif her boyfriend problem? and how another one is handling christopher lee's flirations? *sympathises*

Ah well, Ciao

3:09 PM

Man, the science and chinese department are out to murder sec1s with holidae homework. Let me name all my work for you:

--->Algebra Equations(written)

English->Comprehension (2)
->Book Review Project

History->Project on "Why Singapore Is A Civilisation" (must be attractive)

Geog.--->Self-study WS on weather
--->Study for tests on mapwork

Chinese->10 newspaper summaries and reviews frm "Xing Qi Wu Zhou Bao"
->2 diary entries
->1 Compo on the cause of decrease in the Ozone Layer on Earth
->1 Letter-writing
->study for a test on the whole txtbook. The test in on the first week of school

Science->Pamphlet to promote one particular career in Science/Maths
->100-word summary that discusses the role & activities of one national level science or maths society in Singapore
->A report about drug-abuse. This should prove that there is an increasing trend of drug and alcohol abuse. Use charts, graphs and whatever evidence to support your finds.

MediaClub=>5 Perfect photos of nature
=>A powerpoint presentation with the help of microsoft producer

Arts------>Music for the India Musical

CME------->Come up with a project to prove this sentence "Singapore is our homeland. It's where we belong." Your project can be a skit, presentation etc.

Nice right? I might as well kill myself now. *bleah* Better get started..... :(