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Thursday, June 10, 2004 10:32 PM


I'm suppose to be trying to get some shut-eye, but James_Raynor is doing his hw in my room, so i have to wait until he's done.

Now where did i leave off...........

Melbourne Day 1(Continued)
We want home to cook noodles for lunch. Then after cooking, James_Raynor and Sakuragi both zonked out. So it was juz Dad, mom, Vannie and me. Later, dad went out to buy shoes. Mom went to take a nap. Me and Vannie took turns to play on dad's laptop. When vannie was playing, i read my new book "Ella Enchanted". Ended up zonking out myself.

When i woke up, i was surprised to find out that i HAD ACTUALLY fallen asleep. Normally, it's impossible for me to do so. Must be jet lag. Ah well. Ok, so che che Lynn Chiam came later. We talked and talked and talked. Then it took us about 1/2 hour to get vannie out of bed to visit Melbourne University. Che che Lynn Chiam goes to school there. The university is really amazing. There is one part that can be put as a scene for harry potter. Haha. I got pictures of the university in my camera. When i get home, i'll upload it and let ya'll have a look.

Then we went for dinner at this Italian restraunt. Delicious! The pasta i chose to have was quite heavy. It was a spinach raviolini with thick cream cheese sauce. Fattening... :( lol!!!

Then we looked around a confectionary shop. Finest cakes and chocolates in the world, man! Then Che che Lynn Chiam brought us down to a italian ice cream store. They had a "Ferrero Roche" flavour! But it was so damn sweet!!

Heh, then we took the tram back and went straight home.

That's all i got now. Ciao

12:35 PM

Heya! Juz because im in australia... don't think you can get rid of me that easily!!!!

Heh heh.... Well, im usin my dad's laptop to surf internet for now. We're now slacking in our service apartment, waiting for it to be time to go out wif Che che Lynn Chiam. It's been quite cool todae.

Melbourne- Day 1...
Getting to the airport was no biggie. We had 6 luggages and 5 backpacks. Grandma & Grandpa came by to see us off. So nice of them! Heh. We had our dinner then headed to the gate to get ready to board the plane.

Mom was trying to stop all of us from going into the shops to buy stuff, in the end she ended up in the Gucci handbag store. We were all rushing and panicking. She only finished a bit after our flight's 'Last Call'

Then we ran. My bros and i started off first, with mom and vannie catching up behind and dad behind them. When we were getting our backpacks checked through the scanner thingy, mine got put aside for visual check. Turns out tht my handphone can set off alarms. Heh heh...

So on the plane, i had to sit nxt to my younger brother. But i got the window seat! It was so cool! They had 'Agent Cody Bank 2:Destination London' on KrisWorld Movie Screening!! They even had 'X-Men 2' and the whole set of 'Lord Of The Rings'. After watching movies, i decided to check out the tunes the flight carried. They got S Club 8!!!! It was by demand of public to put up some particular albums for listening pleasures... and they had S CLUB 8!!! OH YEAH!!! Lol..

So i just listened to the Sundown album throughout, then i played Pokemon Puzzle League, then went back to the music. They even had Usher's 'Yeah' and the Sugababes' album 'Three'! It was so cool!

I onli slept for about 1/2 hour on the flight, only because i dozed off while listening to Drawn To You, which is a ballad.

I won't talk about what happened in the Melbourne Airport, nothing exciting to say. But when we stepped out, it was so cold!! It was excellent! When you breathe, you could see the vapour rising... heh heh heh heh :P

Uncle Toon gave us a lift to our service apartment. Then we went to the Queen Victoria market for breakfast. We bought this extra large hot dogs. Unfortunately, the eating area had pigeons >P

Then we went shopping at the non-food area. I got two new track pants! One red and one.... black? Can't rmb... heh heh...

Well, me gonna go surfing on the net now.