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Saturday, June 12, 2004 11:29 PM

Heya! Soz, i couldn't update yesterdae.

Melbourne- Day 2
We spent this day out on a tour. The first part of the tour was basically a LONG bus ride out of Melbourne. We went to a valley area where it was filled with parakeets and Crimson Rosellas. They are just beatiful birds. We hand-fed them. That's when i caught eye-contact of this cute aussie guy, approximately of 15-17 years old at least. He was on the same tour and same tour bus (there were two) as me. He was so cwute!!

Hahaha... So i took some cool pictures of the birds and everything. Then we were taken down to the 'Puffing Billy' train station. You know, they actually let you sit on the ledge while holding on to the grid as the train moves. So when we were suspended over a bridge, i looked down and i was like "whoa..." Mom helped me take pictures while we were at it.

Then they brought us to this Vineyard for lunch. Gosh, they had this HUGE cow leg for serving. It was so damn delicious!!! Heh heh. This other two man and lady sat with us. They were very nice. I got some pictures of them. Then i went to take a few pictures of the fire place and the decorations. They had a chandeliar made out of empty wine bottles!! Heh :P So anyway, i had to stand in near where the guy's family was sitting for lunch. I'm not gonna say what happened. No he didn't talk to me. Juz motion of the eyes. Heh heh...

Last was the Wildlife sanctuarary. I got some nice wildlife pictures. Might as well use those as my Media Club project *shrugs* They had a awesome bird show, and it was really hard to catch pictures of those birds. *bleah*

That was all for the tour. Sad i didn't get to chat wif the aussie guy. But i did say hi to his sister. Her name's Emma. I took a picture of her with a wallabie. :P


Melbourne- Day 3
Ok, nothing much to talk about todae. We woke up at 10 aussie time, which is about 8 singapore time. We went down to Victoria Market for breakfast. There was this local band who played on the streets. I tossed in a aussie 2.50 for them. They played really well.

Later we went shopping. I got a whole new outfit. This pale blue boat neck top and a long denim skirt. I also got this cool red japanese-kinda-thing sweatshirt. :P Then Uncle Toon came to pick us for dinner at his house.

Met his daughters. Elizabeth, 15, Jenny, 9 or 10 and Louisa who is 7. Elizabeth is sensible. She's a sports person. Jenny is a hyper-enthu-ventalating-scary girl. She is so active! Louisa is a likes-new-elder-sisters kinda girl. She was hugging onto me. :paisei: Lol...

Well, Jenny took rather badly when we left. I told her that i'll see her in December.

Ok, a few notes to people. Pammie-hanz: Hey gurl! Yes, unfortunately 6 luggages. *bleah*, dun worry, i won't forget ur prezzie.

To Sharon: Thx so much. I owe u one

To me?: Wa... mr foo, u gotta niece in melbourne? O_o... lol ok ok. Yeah. They got these huge german hot dogs at the market. Heh

To dixon: Hey twin! Dun b naughty hor? Better finish ur hw liao. Gotta rmb ur prezzie too.

To Hikari: I got grace. Gonna do it right after this

To Tazia: i dunno abt the flight. Nope, no sc8 news in melbourne unfortunately.