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Thursday, June 17, 2004 6:36 PM

WAHOOO!!! I MANAGED TO GET IN!!! Soz, i havent been able to get on blogger for dayz now.

Blue Mountains- Day 1
We arrived at the hotel after a two-hour drive at Blue Mountains. The hotel was great! It was so old and grand. We headed down to Echo Point soon after. It was so damn bloody cold!! The temperature was at a range between 5 degrees to 7 degree celcius. I took some shots of the mountains. Then we headed back for dinner.

Blue Mountains- Day 2
We were suppose to get up at 6 am aussie time, which is 4 sg time to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, we were not even close to waking up then. We woke up two hours later. *bleah* Heh heh, we took the Explorer Bus and it was COLD!!!!! hahahahahahahaha.... ok ok. Then we went to the Scenic Railway and Sceniscender at the Scenic World. Makes sense, huh?? Heh heh. I got loads of photo opportunities at the place. I got photo books by Australian photographer Steve Parish. His work is AWESOME. There were many tour groups around, mostly school trips. Then we went to Katoomba Village (yes, KATOOMBA is the name) for lunch, then did some shopping before going back to the hotel. Then we went to the next-door hotel for dinner.

Blue Mountains- Day 3
We only had about half a day left before we catch a ride down to Sydney. This time, we KICKED ourselves out of bed to go down to Echo Point at 6 am aussie time to watch the sunrise. I got some EXCELLENT pictures of the mountains in the sunrise. Then we went down to Leura Village for a bit more shopping before a taxi came to pick us up.

Sydney- Day 1
Notice tht im goin very fast at this. Thtz cause if i don't, Vannie will snatch the laptop away frm me, and James_Raynor is screaming in my ear to get off so that he can use before the lil sis STRIKES......

Ok, first day was only a half day. So after getting our apartment at Star City. We went to visit the Sydney Aquarium. I got only a few shots, coz the glass of the tanks were bloody DIRTY so it made the pictures of the marine life BLUR *bleah*.......
Anyway, Vannie kept on getting scared by the sharks. I think they were cool. Heh heh...
After that we went to a Sushi Bar for dinner.
Oh btw, Justin Timberlake was in Sydney coz he was gonna do a concert. So he and cameron diaz crossed the harbour bridge. Bcoz of all the crazy press wanting to interview them, Justin shot THE FINGER.... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA....

Sydney- Day 2
Waking up was good. 8 am aussie; 6 am singapore. We went for breakkie at the Astral Tower. I brought my camera along coz the balcony of the place had great views of Sydney. (AH SHIT... VANNIE'S HERE!!) ok, so we took a nice long ride on the Sydney Explorer to the Queen Victoria Building for shopping. I got some new tops... heh heh... Todae was a bit exhausting day, someone kept on crying while we were walking around, juz coz she wanted things her way. We had a wonderful tour of Sydney on the Explorer. U all shd try it sometime.

I managed to get prezzies for my cuzins, and WISHES and monkey twin. But thtz it. Thtz all mom let me get.

Gtg.... Vannie's screaming in mah ear. Ciao!