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Friday, June 18, 2004 11:39 PM

Sydney- Day 3
So we got up in time to watch the sunrise over the harbour bridge. Aafter brekkie, we headed down to the wharf to take a boat to Circular Key. Vannie had some fun chasing pigeons and seagulls before we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art for fun.

We went to lunch at this sidewalk cafe. James_Raynor decided to order two main courses; scared the hell outta mom. Then we went back to the wharf and walked to the Power House Museum. The museum was actually quite boring at first, it became more interesting at the Cyber Worlds exhibit.

We had dinner wif Auntie Peglin, Uncle Francis, Che che Lee Chim, Kor Kor Michael, and Aunt Peglin's aunt and niece. I like them all, they are easy to talk to and DAMN friendly, even though they are not family. They seem like family though, compared to Uncle Tim and GrandUncle Anthony who've ignored me almost my whole life even though they are my uncles by blood. *frowns*

Forget tht. Well, we changed our last day frm saturday to sunday. So i'll be back on Sunday night instead. I'm gonna go to the Fantasy Forum to bully Jedd now. Heh heh