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Saturday, June 26, 2004 9:08 AM


Ok, so 2nd day was better than the first... FOR SURE. My grp is being more open to each other. While Adam Khoo was talking once, we were cracking jokes.

Shaun kicked off irritating Justine. She was so pissed that she kept on threatening to use her pink marker to dot on her face. She did a few times. Unfortunately, he rubbed it off. They can argue almost forever. Agnes found out about it and said, "Well, they always say the people who fight the most will end up being a couple," or something like that.

Yesterday during dinner, one of the grpz started the stupid bomb game. So when the bomb was threw to us, we just stood there and stared. The 'Godfather' of our rest time activities kept on bombing Toto. When we didn't reply, he was like, "Ay, Toto die already ah?"

Oh u kno wad kinda started us talking to each other more? Lol... Sakuragi! Yes, my elder brother also attends the same course. Before lunch, we were still quiet. During lunch, i was talking to my brother, and he was asking me to rate a burp. Man, he went bullfrog! It attracted attention, believe me. Including my grp member's. So this Shaun was coming up to me and asking, "Do u kno him?" I classified Sakuragi as my brother. Then he said, "You got one disgusting brother,"

That kicked it off. After lunch, we had to sit in the rows of chairs. Apparently, they decided that each group should sit in one row. Left to Right: Me, Daniel, Shaun, Justine, Jolyn and XinQuan.

Wahhahaha... gonna bully them again today.