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Monday, June 28, 2004 7:34 PM

Heyz, i had a bad day at school for a first day.

Day 3 was definitely the best one we had so far. We got another scolding from Ramesh this time. He said that he and his coaches had enough of our behavior. He let some people come up to scold their group members if they were angry at them.

Agnes then brought us out. She started shouting. She said that she's angry because we never give 100% to almost anything. She wanted to best for our group. We all just stood there. She made Shaun tell Justine how he thought that she did as a leader on Day 2.

Agnes calmed down after a while. She made us tell Daniel why we appreciated him, boost his self-esteem. Then we did a group hug. That time, Justine started shouting, "We will do it!! Can we do it?!" And we all replied shouting, "Yes!!" We repeated it a few times. Then we hugged one another. Yes, i mean EACH OTHER. As in i hugged Agnes, Justine, Jolyn.... and XinQuan and Shaun and Daniel. Then we went back inside. Adam told us to stack up the chairs. Then we all stood in a circle, linked our arms and sang a song. We didn't care who was next to us, whether boy or girl, stranger or friend, we just linked arms. Later, we gave each other a hug again. Adam told us to go hug anyone we could get to, so i hugged a few coaches, and some sec3z and sec4z who i didn't even know.

Day 4. Final Day. I felt upset, coz the camp had gone by fast. Too fast. Adam went through on appreciating our parents. We sat in our groups and sang a few songs as well. Then we had a time of fun.

Adam made us do a '6-story plunge'. First, 6 chairs were stacked up against the wall. 2 chairs were placed nxt to it as a ladder, and 1 chair for the coach to kneel at to brief you. Two teams would pair up, preferrably sec1-sec4 students. One person to fall off the chairs, the rest to catch him or her.

So i went up 5th. I got on the chairs and faced the wall, linking my hands together. The rest of them started to get ready. Then the coach shouted "Squeeze!" and Agnes told me to start. I shouted "Are you ready?!!" twice. They all replied with "Ready!" Then i forgot to say "Here I come!", but my fall was somewhat successful. I kept my eyes closed. Here comes the fun part, they threw me up in the air. The coach shouted "Ready!Ready!Ready!" then they all went "1,2,3, UP!!" I kept on shouting "Whoo!!" in the air. They threw me up 3 times. It was so much fun!! XinQuan wanted to go again. Lol...

We had a dance competition after that. 3 ppl from each grp would go up. The crowd kinda loved us (my grp) but we were too MTV, so we didn't win.

Graduation. The coaches led us to hotel across the street. We were given a briefing before the actual graduation. When the parents came in, we gave them a standing ovation. We were not to stop until they were all seated.

Adam started off with his talk and slideshow. Then we had a karate fiesta. Each student was to write his or her fears and bad habits on a piece of square wood. Then we had to break the board.

I went first. Agnes tested my punching. Then she let me break the board. It took me five or six times to break it. We all cheered on each other as each of us broke our boards.

Adam then let some students have a chance to share their experience to the parents. There was a cue card with questions and the things we were suppose to say on it. I wanted to go up, but the queue was too long. Gabriel from Olive went up first. He kept on looking at the cue card, since the parents couldn't see it. We all found it rather funny. I think it was rather nice of Jolyn to ask him if he was ok, because when he sat back down, he was crying.

Adam then made us go up to our parents to give them this letter that we wrote to them.

We all sang a song after that. The students with their parents. The coaches surrounded the OHP projecter thingy, and they sang and shouted the lyrics. There was one guy, his father had came and went, so he was standing by himself there. Justine and her parents were very very nice then. They let the guy joined them for the song. She went over and pulled his hand. *Cheers for Justine* Wahahaha...

After that, Adam made us do a whoosh. Daniel ran off on us after the whoosh, and we wanted to do a grp cheer. So instead, we did our own whoosh. Then we gave each a hug. Then left.

This camp is definitely something to remember. Lucky for me, i got all their phone numbers. Who knows? Maybe one day Toto will be able to hang out at Orchard Road.

Oh, did i mention that Shaun and XinQuan don't believe that Jon is sec2 and that XinQuan thought that i was sec2? LMAO!!!!