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Monday, July 05, 2004 11:15 PM

Aw man...

U know in AKLT, they have this thing called the A* Academy. It's kinda of like Hogwarts (Harry Potter). So anyway, this academy is for teens. It's got 4 different shields.

Me and my bro decided Phoenix Force sounded the coolest when my mom showed us the form. So we chose it, and my mom mailed it in. Then at the booster session, we found out about the different shields. And we decided that we preferred Moon Paladins then. We asked if we could switch shields. They considered it, but they didn't give a reply. My mom emailed someone at the AKLT, but she said that they can't allow the switch. Toto thinks that i'm in Moon Paladins, but now i realised that i'm actually stuck in Phoenix Force.

I e-mailed the same person, asking again if she could allow the switch just this once. I haven't got a reply. But if she says no, i just gotta accept it. Ah well... sorry guys. Enjoy being in Paladins. Anyway, at least i know that XinQuan is going to the X'Mas Bash, got someone there that i can hang out with :P


12:19 AM


Went for booster session today.

Before that was bro's confirmation, then had a small birthday celebration for my eldest cuzin Steph Jie Jie. The booster session starts at 3, but they open the door at 2.30.

We only got home abt 2.20? Then my bro and i had to bathe and get ready. I rushed my bro like crazy until he screamed at me. Justine called me at first, then in the car Shaun called me. Both asked if im coming, so i was like "Yeah, i might be a bit late..."

I got there abt 1 or 2 minz late, but nothin much. We didn't do much lesson today. A bit of recap, loads of jokes. Lah lah lah... Agnes was sick today, so she didn't come. So sad... :(

The time went by quite fast actually. It was like... 6 before i even knew it. Then we had a weird dinner, of which i onli finished 1/2 of it. After that, just deciding which shield we wanted to join. I was in Phoenix Force at first, then i switched to Moon Paladins. I think my grp are all going to Moon Paladins, most of our coaches are there. :p LOL!!

Oh u kno abt the new crush i got? I really think i don't have the chance at all. It's still going on, i can't stop it for some reason *bleh* I kinda feel that this guy and i are a few galaxies apart or something.

and then... ok... how do i put this.... 6C ppl, some of you may know some secret abt my *ahem* lifestyle last year. I got teased abt it, evil ppl... lol!! Anyway, i dunno how i'm handling it now. I am ever so happy that we get to talk every now and then. But it's like...... i hardly know 'it' anymore. And tht suckx...

Damn! I dunno how to handle my *ahem* lifestyle anymore........
Last year was alright, and then this year, everything goes *bleh*...

Reminder: I'm still not telling anyone who my crush is.
Note: XQ and Tazia, if u wanna kno what i'm talkin abt above, you can ask. Only you two.