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Wednesday, July 14, 2004 10:01 PM


Guess what? I started my diary again (written one)! I was kinda becoming anxious abt not being able to write my secrets and feelings on the blog, so i started my diary again.

Oh yeah, we had Arts Education today. First, during chapel, the school had brought in Sonic Edge (local christian rock band) to perform for us. I thought they were excellent! Then later we had the New America Singers, which is a christian choir frm USA. They were ok, but not exactly my thing.

Sian... tomorrow there's PE lesson, and PE Lesson equals to cha cha.... if we're lucky, maybe it'll be a different dance. Sadly, i kinda realised that HipHop is not really in the sch's dance syllabus. Sho sad....

Anyway, this saturday i'll be going to Trinity. Guess what? My brother told me this: His friend frm Trinity, Eugene, was talking to XQ about AKLT, so he thinks tht XQ mentioned me and him(my brother), so this Eugene found it familiar and went to look it up, coz we visited before and they kinda keep records. Then he called my brother and told him all about!

*It's a small world after all...*