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Thursday, July 15, 2004 10:22 PM


I juz realised that life in SMSS equals to Heavy Scheuduling. Let me list a few things...

1) CME
2) PSE
3) Home Economics
4) Musical

1) Normal (Eng, chinese etc.)
2) Dance (Cha Cha-bronze medal)

Media Club is going to form a media broadcasting centre. In other words, we are in charge of school newspaper (written, online & live broadcast) Mrs Janelle Ang came in today to tell us about. She asked us to choose three different things we'd like to specialise in. We also had to select some we did not mind doing, but was not in our top three choices. Here's my list:
1) Photoshop
2) Digital Photography
3) Animation
Don't mind: Journalism & Wed Publishing.

Talk about bz!! Bleh...... My coaching course starts next week. Pammie's birthday BBQ is next week. I have a geog test tmr. Maths test next week. *freaks out*

And what's the outcome of all this? Dunno. I'm doin the weird fiction on myself so as to relax from all this. Heh


4:30 PM


My goodness... the sch computer's are real slow.... *im in the com lab now, 1 hr till media club begins*

Was talking to Vanessa Quek today about boyfriend:girlfriend fling. Not that we have any relationship problems(better not get the wrong idea, kz?) juz that since she was frm a mix school and has experience with boys around her (like me) so it's easier to talk to her about this kinda thing.

i kinda told her my problem, didn't name anyone, juz said what was going on in my head....GOSH... THIS COM IS DAMN SLOW.... anyway.... it's a sad sad world, man.

*bleh* wad the hell... slam this computer...........

Well, i'm doing this weird fiction... something like Harry Potter, but it's no magic, no wizards, no anything to do with that. Story equals 5 teens who were selected to attend this special school, so it's like, someone comes and plucks them from school halfway during the day. Wahahaha.... then it tells about life in the weird school...

Gtg, stephanie's here....