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Wednesday, July 21, 2004 6:31 PM


Racial Harmony Day was today. Sadly, secondary schools aren't the same as primary schools. No celebration in the hall, just do a pledge, and then chase us back to our classrooms for LESSONS, then have some weird games that NOT everyone participates in.

I went to school decked out in my aunt's clothes, which was a VERY casual pranakan-style outfit. It was a green camisole, diagonal-line design-sarong and a green jacket with flower prints along the edges. I wore it to school, and didn't take my uniform along cause my bag would overload if i did. A lot of girls BROUGHT their costumes to change into before assembly, so i freaked out when i saw a lot of girls wearing uniforms.

"I'm not getting out," was what i told my mom. As usual, she told that me not to be silly and that my costume was nice. It took me about five minutes before i dragged myself out of the car. I started walking, ignoring the glances from other girls around me. Then i was relieved to see these 2 secondary two girls wearing ethnic costumes walking in front of me. *phew*

Lessons were still per normal, but i hardly paid attention. Jaslyn was absent today, creating even more boredom for me. So i just doodled, day dreamed, took notes from the lessons when i had to, talked to Brenda & Gillian (they sit behind me)

I bumped into Rachel during recess. She bought the cloth offered by our house, and was wearing it as a sari. Poor thing. She could hardly walk cause of the length of the cloth. Anyway, we chatted a while, then went our seperate ways to find our classmates.

I won't talk about the games. Nothing much to say actually. Catherine's mother gave me a life home. I feel guilty cause when Cat said she was going to call her mother, i JOKED about sending me home. But eventually, Mrs Pua didn't mind. So i thanked her for the ride.


~The Life Of A Teenage Girl: Racial Harmony~