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Thursday, July 22, 2004 7:48 PM


I'm officially in the Video Production Crew of Media Broadcasting Centre. My second choice, at least. Luckily Mr Foo said that they'll organise training for those who want to just learn in other areas, but of course, my official and most important is Video Production. We came up with the name "Lens", it does sound kinda cool, right? Heh heh.

So busy we are going to be. I got Stephanie, Deborah, Jessica, Rachel Chloe, Jolene, Rebecca, Wei Ru, Lynette(i think thtz how u spell her name) and Sharon in my grp. The tRipLetz split. Debz is in Web, and Mel is in Graphics.(<---- Lucky girl)

Oops, Gtg.


~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Media Broadcasting Centre~

4:34 PM


Debz and Mel are here. Heh heh...

Had this weird debate in home economics for points. Gillian and Vanessa Q should go join debate team, they can go forever.

Jessica juz came.... naughty girl......

La dee da... what to talk abt..... *tinker* *tinker* *brain dead*..........

Jessica say i lame. Yay!! *cheers like an idiot* WAHAHA.... i'm irritating her.

Forgot to ask XinQuan about Trinity. Heck, the poor guy too stressed with his weekly tests. Sec2 life so crammed, streaming year after all. Maybe i ask Shaun... but then he hasn't been online for long time.

Debbie is lameness, man... help me.... got triplets here.... help..... you know what? i'm talking crap...

Got success coaching on saturday, after that got pammie's BBQ. Yay... debbie's getting totured by melodie. *Cheers for Melodie* WAHAHAHAH....

Ok, now that tRipLetz have gone to use the other comz. I can talk normally now. I get 'drunk' when they're around... heh heh...

Sharon couldn't come so she asked me to pass some postcards with broken french written on them to Jolene. Lucky girl, she got to go around with Jolene yesterday. Tmr is speech day, so i get 2 hrz off from school. Yay!! Laaa dee daa... I'm getting better at graphics! I found out how to do the lined effect *points at banner* i changed my banner to a signature i created yesterday. Like it?? :P Hopefully i can go into Photoshop for the Media Broadcasting Centre.

I feel bored. Hmm...

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Boredom 101~