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Friday, August 06, 2004 7:03 PM


keyboard is screwed while im typing this i cant type any punctuation right now freak lah.....

Ok now it's working.

I came home frm sue's hse, and started crying while walking back.

What kind of life do i live? Probably the life of how an 18-year-old in AMERICA lives. Crap lah... Tuition monday to friday. Then extra classes on saturday and sunday. And then mom wants to sign me up for bloody swimming lessons... i don't want to go for swimming lessons! And she says, "Think about it," I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO FOR THE STUPID LESSONS!! DANCE AND PHOTOGRAPHY IS ENOUGH!!

Stacey says to quit my tuitions. Dixon is super shocked that i have tuition monday to friday. My classmates (SMSS) think i have too much tuition. Grandma and Aunt Florence says quit Lorna Whiston.

Let me put this straight, it's not that easy. I'm overprotected. It's so unfair. Go to my tuition teacher's hse, which is like... only 2 or 3 bus stops away, my younger brother MUST come with me. What the heck is this?!

I'm still crying now, why can't mom see that i'm only 13 years old?! I'm not some university student. The reason why i manage the time is because I HAVE TO. When you give me tuition, I HAVE TO MANAGE.

So let me tell all who read this entry what i'm going to do, no one's going to stop me: When i'm 15, if my scheudule is still like this and i'm still overprotected, i'm going to collect things to store in my room, like snacks, fruits, bread, cereal, drinks and i'm going to lock myself in my room, and not come out.

I told my maid this, cause i cried again when talking to her. She also says i should quit some of my tuition.

Life's getting too stressed for me. Why can't mom see that?

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Why~