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Sunday, August 08, 2004 1:22 PM


Juz wanna say sorry for those who may be worried about my venting of anger the other day. I was over-reacting. The kidnap-myself-in-my-room plan is a last resort. It's not going to happen. So thanks to Sharon,Debz,DaoHui and Sue.

Well, i'm in quite a mood, so i'll take about National Day. I had duty during the celebration, so went walking all over the plce with my camera, scaring people. LMAO!! Teachers can be annoying, they come up to you and are like demanding that you should take this kind of shots or where you should stand or who you should take. Mrs Ang says she's going to get us Press Passes. :P

After school, went down to Henry Park. Waited damn long for the bus, called Majace to chat a short while. She was also waiting for the bus. I ended getting off at the wrong stop(<--LMFAO!!!) and had to walk the rest of the way to Julieta, or however you spell it. Met Majace at the bus stop and i was like, "STACE!" and we slapped high five. Ppl must've thought we were crazi. LOL! Then we walked to the school. Saw Michael, Dixon, Arnold, ShunLing and MLML there. Heh. Talked a while. MLML asked me to teach him cha cha. WAHAHAHA... Of course, i gave up after a while, coz i not sure the man's part. I do the girl's bit. <-- duh!

Met this horribly tall and creepy Sec2 dude named Teren. He's like sky high! 181!! Not fair... ROFL!! Anyways, at first we were like just standing there. Then we started to play BBall. The rest of WISHES came soon after. Nikki was there first, then Dazie. Sue and Pammie were late. LOL We scolded them! No lah. JK Jk.

Anyway, after that we were out for pizza. Dixon and Teren came. The others left. Teren is really creepy...

Sue kept getting phone calls from darren and she was like 'STOP CALLING!' cui went low-voiced and was trying to say like 'i'm sue's boyfriend. stop calling her' LMAO!! Went back to sch later and surprised MLML again, then took some pictures.

After fooling around in the Kidz Zone, we got kicked out of the school. Nothing to do, so we went to sue's hse. Had mini pillowfight, and some jumping around for no apparent reason. Then i got buried under pillows and blankets and matteresses and then they all jumped on top of me. *OucH* Lol..

Had to leave earlier than the rest coz of English Tuition.


~The Life of A Teenage Girl: National Day Reunion~