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Thursday, August 12, 2004 10:40 PM


Went to the assistant coach selection juz now. Had to miss Smarts Media coz of it. Sho sad...

Anyway, had two ppl i knew besides my brother. Samuel from ACSI and Shaun(i think that's how u spell it) Wong who is my ex-classmate's elder brother. Conincidence...

So first we had to do introduction, which i really screwed up. Coz i talked too softly, or so Carol (a trainer and our 'selector') said. I trust her judgement too, i WAS too soft. *bleh* Then we had a written test which was to test on techniques and the stuff from the manual. I got a 70/100 for that. Barely passed. even more *bleh*

Then we had a presentation test. Each of us was given a topic and we had to revise it with the other participants, as if we were really an assistant coach. So i gave it my best shot this time. I added a bit of perkiness, raised my voice, lalalala... so on so forth. My topic was whole brain notes. Kinda lucky, eh? Heh.

I got about 6 votes from audience including myself. Even more luck eh?

So Carol will email us the results soon. Hopefully i will make it.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Assistant Coach Selection*