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Friday, August 13, 2004 11:23 PM


Had a really weird day at Lorna Whiston. We're starting to get along a bit better (we as in boys:girls) So anyway, this guy in my class named Han Yuan is a big joker.

Whenever someone enters, he would call them something, so we all found it funny.

First this guy entered, then Han Yuan said, "Awr...Intruder," We all laughed like crazy. When another guy came in, we told Han Yuan that there was another 'intruder', he looked over his shoulder and said, "No lah, this one is terrorist,"

So everytime someone entered the room, we would end up laughing and Han Yuan would call them something funny. These two girls, one wearing a skirt and shirt, one wearing razor-back and jeans, came into the room. When we asked Han Yuan what to call them, he thought for a moment then said "Qiu Bu" !!!!


So he had other names like "Witch" and "Bo-tak" (hairless or bald) which was super funny!! Our relief teacher, Ms Levick had no idea what on earth we were going crazy about.


~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Laugh-a-lot @ Lorna Whiston~