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Monday, August 16, 2004 9:25 PM


It's 7.23 am (as i said before, the blogger clock is screwed and i can't be bothered to change it) and i'm supposed to be in school. Guess where i am? HOME. (VQ's gonna kill me :D)

Seems that i pulled a muscle, which caused the aching and limping of thy leg yesterday. I barely made it up and down the stairs this morning. Screw it. I need to train my eyes to improve my speed reading.

Guess what? I got the gig!!!! I'm gonna be an assitant coach for September camp!!!! Sharon! XinQuan! Majace! I'M GOING TO BE AN ASSISTANT COACH!!! WOO-HOO!!!! *celebrates*

Although, the fact that i received Rosanna's sms at like.... 12.30 in the morning did not contribute to helping my leg or me at all. But woo-hoo!! I did it!! I can't wait. My brother also got in!! I hope Samuel (the ACSI dude) got in too. I could use another mate in my team. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Thank you Carol, thank you Rosanna!!

Ok, now that i'm done 'hypering',(Look, ma, new word!) i'm suppose to be asleep till 8, but i woke up at about 5.30, and then got back to bed at 7. There is NO WAY i can sleep an hour, knowing that i HAVE to wake up a certain time.

I've been restricted to the upstairs level right now, since I can barely do the staircases. Anyway, even tho i miss the field trip to the DNA thingy (Wadever-the-crap it is), i can really get a lot of things done today.

1) Slideshow- this is for grandpa(my real one)'s birthday.
2) History- Got a test on Wednesday
3) Geography- Got a test on Friday
4) Graphics- i promised Tazia i'd do a workshop for her.
5) Read- i bought some new books.
6) AKLTG- i need to revise everything if i'm going to do well as an assistant coach. My test was only 70/100 and Pearlyn got a freaking 134/100!!!! dang!!
7) SingSongs- ROFLMFAO!! No questions abt this. It's for my own fun! >)
8) FanFics- gotta get updating!!

Quite a list eh? Well, hopefully i can get it done, i'll probably cross Geography off, since it's only on Friday.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: I GOT IT!!!!!!!~

11:34 AM


I suddenly realised that American Best Friends are more or less boy2girl kind of thing. If u don't get what that means, i'm saying that a lot of American kids have best friends that are of the opposite sex. (And no, XQ, this has nothing to do with what i said juz now, totally off-topic)

It's like... movies, tv show, books, magazines.... even Ashlee Simpson's best friend is a boy! *freak out* Lol! Random. The new movie 13 Going On 30, the main character, Jenna's best friend is Matt. Or even Sydney from Alias, one of her best friends is a girl, the other is a guy, and they all live in the same house. If u watched 'Big Fat Liar' before, u'd probably realised that the main character, Jason Sheperd's best friend is a girl who can pass for his elder sister. And Lizzie McGuire is another one like that. I mean, Gordo's a guy. DUH!

But really, Singapore is most of the time a different story. When we start out as little babies, we have no clue about each other, so we can around and play catch. THEN.... when we hit primary school, boys are one end of the world and girls are the other. Only once in a while will you find two best friends of which one is a boy and the other is a girl. This does not count to those who were childhood friends. Ok, so maybe it can count...

But anyway, most Singaporean kiddos end up with a best friend of the same-side-of-the-world. Sure, they have friends from the-other-side, but most wouldn't count them as best friends. I'm one of the exceptions actually. Dixon is my best buddy and twin bro. *sticks out tongue* Lol. But this kind of thing affects mostly mix-schools guys and gals (Duh!)

I know this girl who has been in a girls-school her whole life. She hardly knows any bloody male except for her father or cousins or neighbours or whatever on this planet.

That's scary... i'd suffer in that kind of life. LMAO

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Boys & Girls~