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Friday, August 20, 2004 7:16 PM

Outfit: Orange Reebok top and funky hawaiin shorts
Mood: don't ask...
P.O.T.D: Majace
Stess: 85%
My world is officially collapsing on me and 20th August is officially the worst day ever.

I never felt so stressed before, it's almost even worse than PSLE and EXAMS!!!

First, i can't stand class-noise anymore. I'm irritated by the fact that we (yes, including me) can never shut up for some reason. Second, my teachers overloaded the homework pile and most is due either next week or week after. HELLO?!! WE ARE ONLY 13-YEAR-OLDS OF WHICH SOME OF US HAVE PERSONAL PROBLEMS, PERSONAL PROJECTS AND TUITION, DAMNNIT!!!Shoot... i juz scratched my toe on the corner of the table and its bleeding... freak it lah.

Third, i got projects. Musical, Slideshow... i can't take it!! I feel like crying now (Jas, there's nothing wrong with crying over stress, it's definitely better than doing what most kids do)

When i was going to tuition, it started to rain... heavily. I got splashed by at least 4 cars. (As if my day wasn't bad enough, huh?) Then i was finally on the bus. I was suppose to wait for my younger brother at the 5th bus stop, i saw him waiting at the 3rd, and he didn't get up to go on the bus! So i got off. Then we had to wait for another bus. I was so blurred out that we ended up taking the wrong bus. Then we stopped and walked back. Luckily, it was just one stop wrong. Then more splashing came. I felt like fainting while walking.

I hate singapore education! I hate tests! I hate projects! I hate that my mom thinks that tuition is good for me! I hate that people diss Sc8! I hate that my brothers are such busybodies! I hate school! I hate the attitude showed by *ahem*! I hate science! I hate rain! I hate secondary school! I hate all-girls environments! I hate homework! I hate this! I hate that! I hate almost everything!!!!!!!!

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Worst Day~