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Thursday, August 26, 2004 5:11 PM

Outfit: Polka-dotted school Uniform... i'm at sch.
Surfing: PopStar Network
P.O.T.D: Who ah... probably Dao Hui coz of Chacha today


Had the chacha test today. We rocked the dance room, man! Ms Amy (is tht how u spell it?) LOVED us. We did it bloody well!!! WAHOO!!!

Home Ec. Practical today was to bake muffins. VQ panicked again. LMAO. Tht girl is awesome, she can make ppl laugh like crazy. So we make the batter, share a tray with Brenda and Jacinth, and then panick somemore, coz the first grp to get their tray into the ovens get bonus ptz for practical. We tied with Gillian's grp. Heh heh. Our muffins had a hard and crispy crust... but the inside was moist!! *confusion* Weird, man.

Lol. Juz now went to McDonald's wif VQ,Brenda,Iris,Jaslyn and HuiNah for lunch. First time i went there with someone or some others from school. :D Anyway, got loads of students there. SCGS, MGS, SMSS, ACSB and some others.

Saw this SOMEWHAT (note the word before the bracket) good-looking guy, shd be lower secondary coz he was wearing shorts as Sch U. Kinda of reminds me of some other guy i met before who was also good looking. WAHAHAHA. No wise cracks, mr foo. :P

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