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Monday, September 06, 2004 10:57 PM

Outfit: Purple Esprit shirt with hip flower design and my primary sch shorts
Mood: Relaxed
P.O.T.D: Sharon. Happy Birthday to her!!


I was juz watching S Club 7: Don't Stop Movin' which is the DVD containing Behind The Scenes of their Carnival Tour 2002. Sad it was only in the UK. I would've gone to watch it.

Right now, i'm alone in my room. Do you know what i like about being left alone? I get to think and day dream about anything and everything. Term 3 has ended and with Term 4 and exams right around the corner, I won't get time to get in touch with my own feelings. It will be all about study, study and study.

So today I thought and reflected on a number of things. I'll share it here.

1) My Class-- We got scolded today because after Science Supplementary, Ms Yeo wanted to do some filing, that would take up half our lunch hour before Maths Supplementary. Instead of staying in class, a lot of the girls ran off to McDonald's or somewhere else for Lunch. Dao Hui and I went to look for Ms Yeo juz in case, coz she didn't come up. When we did find her, Amanda Tay, Amanda Chen, Dao Hui and I explained to her about most of the class people leaving. Boy, did they get a scolding. In the end, the whole class got a scolding frm Ms Lum. It seems that our class has been blacklisted as one of the worse classes in terms of behavior. Well, i'll admit that we all juz can't shut up (Even me) and we have been giving teachers quite a hard time lately. Prefects are bias against us too. *Sighz* I think we need to open our eyes now... i'm not insulting or pin-pointing anyone, but Ms Lum was right. We started out fine at the beginning and now we disappoint teachers. And that is nothing to be proud of. At all.

2) Studies-- Guess what? I dropped in 4 subjects. My dad gave me a heart-to-heart talk last night. I'm VERY disappointed in myself. I kind of slacked Term 3. I'm definitely going to buck up for Term 4, I can't afford to fail or not to do well in any subject. Even Chinese.

3) Parents' Rules-- Man... it's not like i disobey the rules. But i think sometimes mom and dad treat me like how a 7-year old would be treated. I mean, there are girls my age who can walk around freely any day of the week. Me? I need to have a group with me. I juz asked my mom if I can hang out with one of my mates. The moment i told her that it was one of the guys (NO IT AIN'T DATING!! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABT IT OTHERWISE I'LL GET BLOODY TICKED OFF), she said it was ok with her, but JUST HAD TO REMIND ME ABOUT RULES WITH DAD, and that dad wouldn't allow at it was juz a 1-on-1 thing. Come on... >_<

Ok. So i'm done for the day.


~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Day Dreams~