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Saturday, September 11, 2004 4:13 PM

Outfit: Sleeveless blue HangTen top and shorts
Mood: regretful and focused
P.O.T.D: My father...

I know that I'm only a first-year student in secondary life and I like to burst out about things that would come out of some stressed 18-year-old in college. So i'm indepedant. So sue me.

If in this entry, i sound like i've gone mental or sainthood or whatever, so be it.

A simple question from my brothers and I to my father turned into a long emotional heart-talk from him to us instead. "You know I love to buy things for all of you, but I always regret it," he said, "Do you know that your mother has not bought anything for herself till this year?" (What words can really do to you) "I work hard so that I can earn money for you three. You know everytime my boss, Uncle Lucien, ask me why I work so hard for, I say it's for my children. It's all for only my children," He sighs. "You are all precious to me and I care for you, I care for your safety,"

The three of us could guess that dad was pointing that last sentence he quoted at me. I am the outgoing one. Cineleisure. He tells me it is a dangerous place and I should be careful. Why is he like that? A relative of mine was almost mugged (beaten up) by a bunch of sick-minded gangsters at Great World City, which can more or less be compared to Cineleisure.

My goal is to study Media or Fine Arts overseas. My dad knows it. If it does come true, I only have 6 years left with my family in Singapore. I'm not going to let the next few years get wasted. At all. One thing, i appreciate that DaoHui actually came to the blog and tagged that she'll do her best not to distract me. (Dao Hui, you're not a distraction, you're a good friend. We're all human. Nobody's perfect)

Right now, the most important thing to me is my studies, my skills for CCA, my family and anyone close to me. Warning is that I may neglect my classmates and friends so that I can get my studying done.
My own prayer:
Father in heaven, I thank you that you have blessed me with a wonderful family, excellent friends and supportive classmates and teachers. As you know, my term 3 ended with disappointment from both me and my parents. I pray lord that you will guide me for the last term of my first year. Thank You.


~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Make A Change~