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Saturday, September 18, 2004 6:27 PM

Outfit: Purple flower shirt and diesel shorts
Mood: Party! LMAO
P.O.T.D: None

Hold on, let me finish transferring some songs from my brother's CD before I start...

DONE! Ok. So getting back into the swing of school and study wasn't bad. My exams are in more or less two/three weeks (English comes first, the rest come a week later), so it's study time for this girl and everyone else in singapore.

I just collected my A Academy stuff today, and the stuff is really cool. The shirt is just awesome, it's got the logos of all four shields. Then the card is quite nice too. And I managed to get a ticket the end-of-year Christmas Party. I'll take photos and upload them later if I have time. As usual, time is packed for me.

Ever heard of that series on Channel 5 called 'Gilmore Girls'? It rocks! My mom and I watch it all the time. We may get affected and start to act like Lorelai and Rory at times. Example, just now I was watching the episode that I missed last week. Mom brought up some chocolates and nut mix for us to munch on. Here's a little script:
Me: Hm... buttercrunch... interesting choice
Mom: Oh really? *grabs box* Yummy!
Me: *tosses one into mouth* ugh... buttercrunch isn't exactly my thing right now
Mom: *busy eating* What? It's yummy, how could you not like it?
Me: Ok i'll take one more just for the sake of you saying that it's yummy. *takes container of nut mix and grabs a handful*
Me: AHH!!
Mom: What?
Me: There are no raisins in my grab
Mom: This mix doesn't have raisins.
Me: Wait.. i see a raisin somewhere down there.
Mom: there are no raisins there
Me: What is a good nut mix if there are no raisins in it?
Mom: *rolls eyes*
Me: Fine i won't eat it.

It's called weird mother-daughter conversations. I remember once we were watching and I was going on about how there was no snack when there should be. So mom tried to get me to go downstairs. But I kept on telling mom that the perfection of watching the show is by not EXITING the room with the TV in it, therefore i can't get any snacks.

Sounds stupid, I know.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Like Mother, Like Daughter~