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Saturday, October 16, 2004 2:19 PM

Heyz. was too lazy to type the data thing so I skipped it.

I can't believe it's almost a year since I got into secondary school. When you look back into the past, time seems to have really fly-by despite that when you experienced the past, the clock just would not stop ticking SLOWLY.

I love my life. Ok, so I used to have real serious breakdowns before but now that exams are over... well, I'm great. Mom has given me the permission to go out depending on who I will be with and when I will be out, which is great. I get to hang out with my best friends.

It was like... only LAST year when I went down to primary school to attend school there. Meeting my friends everyday. Laughing along with my class group (Griffens/Demon Card/Whatever our name was----- YOU GUYS RULE MAN!!). Extremely cool PE lessons. Hang out and chatting during recess. Yeah. It was awesome. And it was only LAST year when I got my PSLE results and posting results, and appealing into my secondary school, then actually being a student in that school. Haha. Life's weird, but cool.

Then this year, I entered a different stage in life. Met new friends. Joined a new CCA. Took up new interests. Learned new subjects. Exams. Exams over. Yeah.

Monday is Dixon's birthday (noticed how i've been going on about my dear stupid monkey twin brother's birthday? He is my best friend and sworn brother) and Thursday is Sue's. Hopefully I can get them presents by then.

I got a song to actually describe this situation now, except I can't seem to find the lyrics. It's called "I'm here". Once I find the lyrics, I'll put it up.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Reality---Face it~

9:38 AM

Outfit: Purple Esprit Flower shirt and shorts
Mood: Feeling great!
P.O.T.D: Lol, guess what? Jennifer Garner
*i juz watched 13 Going On 30 yesterday*



I got like... big plans for the next two months, starting with a few birthdays so:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIXON AND SUEWEI!!!!!!!!!! LMAO. After school, i wanted to jump and scream like a mad man, but i remembered to behave in sch grounds. haha. So when i came home, i jumped up and down and could not stop smiling. *crazed idiot*

It was so cool to go online again. Talked to sharon, daohui & cat, zestin, dazie, sue and tazia. Damn u, zestin! LMAO!!! My LeafGreen is going to beat ur FireRed!!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA....

I got I Dream, episode 4!!!!!!

Ok, now i've gone really psycho. Juz letting you know i'm back in reality, people.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Back to Reality~