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Monday, October 18, 2004 4:12 PM

Outfit: Black shirt and grey skirt. The usual. LOL.
Mood: Excited!!!!
P.O.T.D: Paul Bethany... LMAO. I juz saw Wimbledon ;)


I just saw Wimbledon with my family. It was super cool. It really builds up the anxiety and excitement in you. I mean, after all, it is tennis championships.

Here's my review (I shall do one just like how my mum's friend over-dramatizes her reviews on things) =P:

Wimbledon. Obviously, it means Tennis Championships, loads of rackets and balls, and of course, the pressure. What you never thought It would mean is falling in love. Get with it. It's the new milleanium, let's change things a bit.

You start with meeting Peter Colt (Paul Bethany), a tennis player, professional, tall, lean, atheletic and 119 ranking in the world. Does It sounds good? Definitely not. Then he stumbles on Lizzie(Dunst), a young athlete, making her way to the top in the Wimbledon Championship for Women.

Talk about Love At First Sight. They started a sudden attraction when Peter was accidentally given the key to the wrong room. He walks in and hears the shower on. Turning left, he sees Lizzie, in the shower stall, bathing. Thank Goodness for them that the glass was frosted, if you get what I mean. He finds it hard to speak, and of course, she is embarrased, but laughs of it. And that was the start of their relationship. They began hanging out together, getting drunk and just enjoying each other's company.

By the way, while all this is going on, they still have their game to concentrate on. For some reason, it's a slight switcharoo. Lizzie's concentration fails, but Peter's concentration boosts. Talk about the sake of love.

The story mainly revolves around Peter. Anyway, that is all i'm giving away to you. Wimbledon is a must-see for anyone and everyone, especially tennis players or people of sports.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Wimbledon~