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Friday, October 22, 2004 6:26 PM

Outfit: orange reebok top and black loose shorts
Mood: none.
P.O.T.D: Miyona Sensei :D the japanese teacher

Hey. I told Taz that i'll post my results from exams here, so here I go:

English--- 70/110
Maths--- 82/100
Chinese-- 52/80
Science--- 71.5/100
Literature--- 35/60
Geography--- 63.5/100
History--- um... i think it was 61/80
Home Ec.--- 78/100

Not bad eh >.< LOL. Oh yeah, we started our post exam activities today and I signed up for basic japanese. The class is so much fun!! Miyano Sensei rockz man. She is awesome. Learned the basic sounds, ways of greeting, stuff about Japan and so on so forth. It was great.

Bleh. 'Scoop', my school's Arts Newspaper has started up again since exams are over, so we got till next week to finish the paper. Me photographer, so i'm working with waijean, christine, angel and the others on it. *Deep breath*

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Result~