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Saturday, October 23, 2004 11:18 PM

Mood: strange
P.O.T.D: My twin bro, Dixon.


Woke up and realised I had 5 missed calls, two from the same number, three from a different one. Then I got another call and when I answered it, it was Mdm Azzizah. Apparently, I had duty today to do still photography, covering an event at the ACM. I went with Deborah from the next class, except that she did videography instead. Lol. It was a small event, so only us two were needed for it.

After that, I got home and mum told me that KorKor had gone down to the primary school to visit and said that he would be inviting Dixon over. So they came home, had lunch and then we went to play the GameCube immediately. I finally won a Mario Party 5 game!!! WHOO!!! Kor played Mario, Dixon played Waluigi *sucker*, and I played Yoshi. It almost seemed like my twin bro was going to win, cause he managed to steal two stars from my character. (Play the game and you will understand what I mean)

After that, we were suppose to kick him out of the house because we were going to follow mum and chris to a talk for this school he's interested in registering for. Since Dixon said he had nothing better to do, I invited him to come along with us. The talk wasn't exactly interesting, neither was it boring. Dixon had no purpose to be there, so I had to lend him my gameboy to entertain himself, while I listened to the talk.

After that, the five of us (mum, kor, chris, dixon and me) walked back in the rain to the car and drove home. Had a good chat with Dixon. LOL. Discussing basic stuff, friends, crushes, our ex-classmates, the works!

He stayed for dinner too. Man, you should see the amount of rice he can eat. He left a while ago.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Spending time with my twin bro~