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Sunday, October 31, 2004 1:05 AM

LMAO i got cui talking into my ear behind me. hee!!! *ok i'm retarded, so sue me* -_-''

Anywayz, yesterday was probably one of the most SLACKING dayz of mah life. Spent like... 3 or 4 hours cleaning the classroom with Catherine. Cause half the class had to go prepare the ticket booth, and the other half disappeared into the library, with a few slacking in class. Do ya know how dirty the classroom is? LOL. We had to steal tissue from the sec2 toliet cause we took ALL from the sec1 toliet >.<

Funny part was that these two sec 2 girls came up and ask if we had any tissue paper. WHOOPSS!!! I think i took all the tissue from their toliet.... naughty! waha. Oh btw, to all future SMSS girls, watch out for the 'army drill sergent' teacher, he's is a *toot*, somehow I wonder why he was our form tutor, must be HOL's idea cause my class is BLACKLISTED anywayz. We rock!

Headed back to primary school after that. Started to rain, stupid me, cause had last-day-of-school-excitement.... I forgot to bring an umbrella! -_-'' No comments frm anyone, especially cui. kiddin!! lol. so I walked in the rain, veri refreshing leh :P, people who walked past me probably thought that i'm mad. Luckily I packed a change of clothes. HEE.

So saw pam, sue, xuanhuai and yuan zhi *of all boys that we know, it had to be these two.... >.<* there. Later, went up to the area outside the gallery where we used to practise Sundown *stupid neil found us out* and met cui and nicolle there. Talked a while, slacked a while, then played a round of Monkey. Bully the others... HEE!!! :P :P :P *cui: evil, evil, evil...* LOL.

We went down to supermarket to stock up on 'necessities'... lol. Ok, so it was more like showing that we were pigs. HEE. Anywayz, bought cup noodles, chips, pizza, soda etc. Pizza yummy!!!!! LMAO. Headed back home and watched I Dream *don't you just lurve that show?* with the girls until had to go Lorna Whiston. i hate tuition. bleh. Ms Crabtree was calling me a 'part-timer' cause of the fact that i hadn't been going as often. LOL. And she forgot her glasses.... AGAIN. right. I tell you, the only two GOOD guys in the class are Bjourn and Yue Han. Han Yue is a total idiot, with a 'classy' big mouth. Qi Yi..... *NO COMMENT, NO COMMENTING* LMAO. whateva.

Last night was watching Fushigi Yugi *did I mention that Chichiri rockz?* :P LOL. had a girl chat with the gang, sadly nikki was asleep. Poor girl zonked out at midnight, the rest of us zonked out at abt 3. lol. NIKKI!!! U MISSED A GOOD CHAT!!! talked abt... well... the usual girl topic.... boys. LOL. cui had to mention the SAME name for almost every question about her crushes. LOL. can't blame her lah, she is a loyal girl. HEE.

SaintSational Fair was quite the success today. Tazia joined us in the morning, after nikki, pammie and me woke up, had a HARD time kicking cui and sue out of bed though. Rachelle *LMAO, ok it's actually rachie* came later, then we all walked to school. Played loads of games, and had MILKSHAKES. Yummy!!! I got a henna tatoo done on my hand, it lookz real cool :P Both pammie and cui got a glitter tatoo. Rachelle got a henna tatoo. Tazia got both. Sue didn't get any *glares at sue* kidding!! ^.^''

Pammie and cui tried out this bicycle thing where you go in full 360 degree circles. Cui got 17 rounds done, Pammie had 19!!! INHUMAN I TELL YOU!!! *psycho* Hee. Lol. They enjoyed it. Oh btw, sia la, a lot of dudes walked into my school. I noticed most of them were 'punks' with the spike hair and the 'yeah yeah I'm so cool' kind of look. Idiots. LOL

Had to do duty at 2 o'clock, so the rest went back with my mom while Tazia stayed behind to help me out. Heh. Favourite cousin Hee!!!!! LMAO. Anywayz, we walked around aimlessly for a while and bought a drink before I had to go and sell hand-painted bags and shirts. It was quite worth it actually. I met two new seniors!! LMAO. One is Joy and the other is..... ShiXuen i think *sorry!!!* Joy is really great, lol, in a funny way. She had tickets left to spend, so she was jumping up and down and asking me if it's ok for her to get a manicure while I tend to the business. lol. I just said ok. Altogether, the business had made $1389.00 in SMSS coupons. Success!!

Stupid lucky draw. Me and taz were like... super desperate and anxious about it, and in the end... NONE of our numbers are called. IT'S RIGGED I TELL YOU!!! RIGGED!!! ^.^''

LOL. Great day still. We got many things from the fair *DUCKIE IN A CANDLE* LMAO.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: SaintSational Fair*