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Saturday, November 20, 2004 4:33 PM


It's my birthday!!! WHOO-HOO!!! LMAO.

Me talk about chalet. Went to dazie's hse at about 7 in the morning, being her alarm clock. Haha. Waited a while before we went to Bukit Batok MRT and met up with nikki there. Then we took mrt to pasir ris. Dazie came to realise that dixon was the only guy going and "panicked". So we were like sms-ing a few guys asking if they wanna join. Dixon and my bro were the only ones in the end.

Couldn't go to the chalet coz majace wasn't there! Bleh. we walked around this mall for a while. Played para para. Then took taxi to the place coz we didn't know how in the world to get there. The driver told us how to get there, quite easy actually. We put dazie as our guide, so blame her :P

They have computers for internet use in the lobby, so we played internet while waiting for majace to come. She came soon after and we dumped our stuff in the chalet before going to BK for lunch.

Yummy food.... *drools* lol. Pammie came soon after and we walked around mindlessly (is there such a word?) coz we had nothing better to do. Stupid Escape was closed that time. In the end we went bowling. I shall prove that me and stacey are twins. In the first round, we both got the top. Both got 82!!!! LMAO. twin! We both didn't do well for the 2nd round. Waha. I got last :P

We went back to the chalet to slack after that. I had to go and wait for dixon at about 4.45, coz he told me he was coming at 5, didn't have his handphone and doesn't know the chalet number. Met up with him later and we hung out for the night. Played Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball. Lol. My brother kept on saying that dazie is jealous of the 'qiu' girls in the game. WAHAHAHHAHAHA.

I can't exactly remember what else we did that night. Played cards, chatted, pillow fights. Yeah. We bought lots of coke bottles for the night. I think i drank too much coke, coz i didn't sleep AT ALL. u can ask my gang. I stayed up the whole night. LMAO. The other girls went to sleep at about 1 am. My brother, majace, dixon and I were suppose to play a prank on the other girls while they were sleeping, but majace fell asleep. (caffeine makes her sleep) LMAO. We did the prank, but it woke them up. Stupid spray string bottles. lol. After that, played the dead or alive game with dixon. My brother went to sleep. I couldn't sleep. we ended up waking nikki and she joined us for a walk around the chalet area. Then we went back to talk about ghost stories and horror movies. Stupid dixon had to tell me the plot of this movie called "the shining". Freaked me out, you idiot! LOL.

Nikki fell asleep but dixon and I still weren't tired, so we talked about stuff like family issues. Heh. Dixon is one of the best ppl to talk to. Can bully him. LMAO :P We chatted while watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Then we went for another walk, but took different paths to go around the chalet area. We got bored and went for yet ANOTHER walk, but this time to the main lobby. Then we played computer. LOL. My brother told him about Get Backers, so i was showing him this fan site about them. He likes Mido Ban too. LMAO. twin!!!!

We went back and found out that pammie was missing. Scared us half to death. Turns out that she found that we were missing, and went to look for us. Came back and chatted with us. Then we disturbed majace and dazie for fun. Dixon kept on poking and majace and telling her to wake up coz she had "guard duty" and that he had been doing "guard duty" the whole night. LMAO. weirdness. Kept on bothering dazie as well. Ok evil twin.

When the sun rose, dixon kept on going on about how WHITE the sky was. He kept on saying that the sky is white and everybody should get up. My brother congratulated him for his ability to differatiate colours and wanted to kill him coz he had a big mouth. LOL. My brother sprayed string on dixon's pants. ROFLMAO.

Dixon actually fell asleep in the end. While we were all just hanging around the chalet room, eating sausages for breakfast, he fell asleep. So did pammie and stace, anyway. heh. Sue had to do something for her passport so she left for a few hours. We went to have lunch at MacDonalds and she came back then. Then we went to Wild Wild Wet. Stacey wore tankini top and shorts. Dazie wore one of my body suits. Pammie wore one-piece suit. Sue wore one-piece suit with a "skirt" lining. Nikki wore one-piece suit. Dixon wore swimming trunks. My brother wore swim shirt and trunks. I wore a tankini set. HEE!

It was so fun!!!!! My favourite was the Ular-lar. I sat with sue, dixon and my brother. We went down and were like, screaming our heads off. wahhahhahah! The wave pool was really cool too. We had to like jumped when the waves came so as not to "drown" lol. We rode the shiok river for fun and just chatted and had fun with ONE tube float. lol. Take turns to ride, when done riding, flip the person over. LOL. :P

The best was the slide up. I sat with nikki front to front on this special tube float. We had to slide down at an almost vertical angel. then went up, then down, then up then down. IT WAS SO FUN!!! ALMOST VERTICAL, YOU KNOW?!! LMAO. my bro's and dixon's were the best. Coz my bro is at least 20-30 kg heavier than dixon. So they went down faster and up highest. LMAO. Me and my bro had to leave earlier, sue came with us coz she was quite tired. The rest actually came like a few minutes later, coz it was like, really crowded. We sat and chatted before my brother and I headed for grandma's hse.

Taz and rachie stayed over last night. We zonked out quite early. I was suppose to go disturb dixon, majace, dazie, sue and nikki who were still at chalet at abt 1 a.m but i zonked out as well. Sad. Maybe i should be their alarm clock. LMAO.

Anywayz, later dixon and dazie are coming over. Me and taz have to go down to meet them at mrt station. I think nikki and sue are coming later. Pammie... dunno. Majace can't come *glares at twin* bleh. It's my birthday! It's my birthday! Missa (sc8f) and Taz gave me graphics to use. *hugs both* lol.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: It's my birthday, it's my birthday~