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Saturday, November 27, 2004 11:15 AM


Can't wait...Can't wait...Can't wait!!! Tonight we leave for NZ. It's going to be AWESOME. I can't wait to take loads of great pictures. Must remember to thank mum and dad a zillion times for this. Especially mum.

Haiz. I still haven't finished my school homework. I'm a bad gurl. LMAO. Oh yeah, taz and I had this VERY spastic conversation last night, not as bad as stacey's and dixon's one though. WAHAHAHAHHAHA....

[09:10:55 PM] (where is ho: btw who's doctor jackal?I'm confused
[09:11:00 PM] (where is ho: LOL I forgot again!
[09:11:13 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Akabane
[09:11:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: the weird vampire looking guy
[09:11:20 PM] -+Leaving Fo: gat
[09:11:21 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *gay
[09:11:21 PM] (where is ho: ah.....right...
[09:11:23 PM] -+Leaving Fo: black outfit
[09:11:26 PM] -+Leaving Fo: wears a hat
[09:11:29 PM] -+Leaving Fo: long black hair
[09:11:34 PM] -+Leaving Fo: knives in the body
[09:11:37 PM] (where is ho: issit the knife guy?
[09:11:39 PM] (where is ho: oh yessh..
[09:11:41 PM] -+Leaving Fo: yep!
[09:11:44 PM] (where is ho: I knew tt =D
[09:11:44 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *we have a winner*
[09:11:51 PM] -+Leaving Fo: and u win .... NOTHING!!!
[09:11:52 PM] -+Leaving Fo: LMAO
[09:11:54 PM] -+Leaving Fo: i'm spastic
[09:11:58 PM] (where is ho: WAH!!!!!!!
[09:12:04 PM] (where is ho: *runs to big fluffly bunny*
[09:12:09 PM] (where is ho: DIE BUNNY DIE!!!!!
[09:12:14 PM] -+Leaving Fo: BLAM BLAM BLAM
[09:12:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: get down taz!
[09:12:24 PM] (where is ho: U PINK FURRED THINGY
[09:12:30 PM] -+Leaving Fo: die undead bunny! blam blam blam
[09:12:42 PM] (where is ho: GO EAT UR CARROTS!
[09:12:46 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *turns around and sees.... Dr. Jackal!*
[09:12:50 PM] (where is ho: *SHOOTS A CARROT*
[09:12:53 PM] (where is ho: GOODIE1
[09:12:55 PM] (where is ho: *!
[09:13:11 PM] -+Leaving Fo: GFEFKLDJKL
[09:13:15 PM] (where is ho: NOW DR JACKAL CAN HELP THE PINK FLUFFY
[09:13:16 PM] -+Leaving Fo: sry keyboard stuck
[09:13:17 PM] -+Leaving Fo: anyway
[09:13:22 PM] (where is ho: lol npnp
[09:13:32 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *Dr Jackal shoots knives at........... THE
[09:13:35 PM] -+Leaving Fo: run carrot!! save urself!!
[09:13:41 PM] -+Leaving Fo: blam blam blam. die dr. jackal!!
[09:13:46 PM] (where is ho: *carrot dies*
[09:13:54 PM] -+Leaving Fo: o shit... dr. jackal can't die can he?
[09:13:56 PM] (where is ho: NO!!!!!!
[09:14:01 PM] (where is ho: The carrot died!!!!!!
[09:14:03 PM] -+Leaving Fo: uh oh....
[09:14:09 PM] (where is ho: COME BACK TO LIFE!
[09:14:16 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *lookz behind dr. jackal to see the
irritating mirror observing guy*
[09:14:18 PM] (where is ho: *stabs carrot*
[09:14:18 PM] -+Leaving Fo: AHH!!
[09:14:22 PM] -+Leaving Fo: it's the weird observing guy
[09:14:34 PM] (where is ho: I HAVE THE SAME BLODD TYPE AS GINJI!
[09:14:34 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *pushes Dr. Jackal to taz* u attend to mr
Jackal first
[09:14:42 PM] (where is ho: fine.
[09:14:44 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ... LMAO, where tht come frm?
[09:14:52 PM] -+Leaving Fo: die stupid mirror man!! blam blam blam.
[09:14:53 PM] (where is ho: LOL tt site u gave me =D
[09:14:56 PM] -+Leaving Fo: oh lol
[09:15:03 PM] -+Leaving Fo: taz, the mirror man ain't dying...
[09:15:06 PM] (where is ho: HI Dr JACKAL want some tea?!?
[09:15:08 PM] -+Leaving Fo: AHH *runs for life*
[09:15:12 PM] (where is ho: Give him a mirror or something'
[09:15:20 PM] (where is ho: TEA!
[09:15:21 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *runs back* oh right!
[09:15:27 PM] (where is ho: NICE HOT PIPPING TEA!
[09:15:32 PM] (where is ho: *pours*
[09:15:37 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *grabs a mirror* who has the mirror now,
huh?! stupid observer guy?
[09:15:38 PM] (where is ho: if not have monkey!
[09:15:44 PM] -+Leaving Fo: hold it!!
[09:15:45 PM] (where is ho: *a monkey!
[09:15:50 PM] -+Leaving Fo: don't give ginji to him
[09:15:52 PM] (where is ho: *holds*
[09:15:54 PM] -+Leaving Fo: still need to find ban, rmb?!
[09:15:57 PM] -+Leaving Fo: LMAO.
[09:16:00 PM] -+Leaving Fo: i think we shd go now.
[09:16:02 PM] (where is ho: tt's ginji??
[09:16:05 PM] (where is ho: *looks down*
[09:16:06 PM] (where is ho: nah
[09:16:10 PM] (where is ho: it's just a monkey
[09:16:12 PM] -+Leaving Fo: oops
[09:16:14 PM] -+Leaving Fo: sry
[09:16:15 PM] -+Leaving Fo: :D
[09:16:18 PM] (where is ho: lol
[09:16:20 PM] (where is ho:

[09:16:22 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ..
[09:16:23 PM] (where is ho: ook fresh start
[09:16:25 PM] -+Leaving Fo: lol
[09:16:28 PM] (where is ho: AHHH!
[09:16:28 PM] -+Leaving Fo: tht was fun!
[09:16:30 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ?
[09:16:32 PM] (where is ho: It's the CARROT
[09:16:34 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *turns around*
[09:16:36 PM] -+Leaving Fo: AHHH!!!
[09:16:36 PM] (where is ho: HE'S BACK!
[09:16:43 PM] -+Leaving Fo: he's alive! he's alive!
[09:16:48 PM] -+Leaving Fo: quick! get a mirror.
[09:16:50 PM] (where is ho: IT'S THAT BRIGHT ORANGE THINGY!
[09:16:56 PM] (where is ho: get some tea!
[09:16:58 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *grabs mirror and shoves it in front of
the carrot*
[09:17:02 PM] (where is ho: and a a monkey!
[09:17:10 PM] -+Leaving Fo: He's attracted to his orangeness. POUR THE
[09:17:12 PM] -+Leaving Fo: SCALD HIM
[09:17:15 PM] (where is ho: *grabs a pot of tea and pours a cup*
[09:17:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ... TAZ!
[09:17:21 PM] -+Leaving Fo: LMAO
[09:17:21 PM] (where is ho: *hands the carrot some tea*
[09:17:26 PM] -+Leaving Fo: blink*
[09:17:28 PM] (where is ho: tea?
[09:17:31 PM] (where is ho: ROFLMAO
[09:17:36 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *puts mirror down* ur being nice to the
[09:17:37 PM] (where is ho: not enoguh?
[09:17:43 PM] -+Leaving Fo: this thing is evil.
[09:17:46 PM] (where is ho: *pours whole pot over the carrot*
[09:17:50 PM] (where is ho: wait!
[09:17:54 PM] (where is ho: CARROT STEW!
[09:17:59 PM] -+Leaving Fo: COOL!
[09:18:03 PM] -+Leaving Fo: not hot enough
[09:18:07 PM] (where is ho: quick get a pot!
[09:18:13 PM] (where is ho: get a suana!
[09:18:13 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *grabs lady poison's heat scent and blows
a fire*
[09:18:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: carrot Hot Spring!!
[09:18:23 PM] (where is ho: *grabs a fan*
[09:18:27 PM] -+Leaving Fo: o lookie our first customer
[09:18:28 PM] (where is ho: *fans*
[09:18:30 PM] (where is ho: ah..
[09:18:35 PM] (where is ho: welcome to um...
[09:18:39 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *points at Needle-expert Jubei*
[09:18:43 PM] (where is ho: taz and val's HOT spring!
[09:18:45 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Hi Jubei-san.
[09:18:54 PM] (where is ho: he's jubei-san?
[09:19:05 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *blinks when Jubei suddenly shouts "Cheese
become choose!! I haven't had enough sleep!!"*
[09:19:06 PM] (where is ho: I thought the carrot was our first
[09:19:09 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ...
[09:19:13 PM] -+Leaving Fo: the carrot is the hot spring..
[09:19:17 PM] (where is ho: it is?
[09:19:18 PM] -+Leaving Fo: hold on let me check
[09:19:20 PM] (where is ho: oh.
[09:19:22 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *scans face*
[09:19:27 PM] -+Leaving Fo: yep, its jubei-san
[09:19:30 PM] -+Leaving Fo: he needs help!
[09:19:35 PM] -+Leaving Fo: he's getting his spelling wrong!
[09:19:41 PM] (where is ho: *dumps jubei-san into spring*
[09:19:46 PM] (where is ho: he needs a HOT bathe
[09:19:48 PM] (where is ho: *nods*
[09:19:52 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *jubei-san: cheese become...
[09:19:55 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Good boy
[09:20:00 PM] (where is ho: *pats head*
[09:20:10 PM] -+Leaving Fo: now wait five seconds and Kazuki-san will
be coming for him
[09:20:14 PM] (where is ho: hmm...
[09:20:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: 5
[09:20:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: 4
[09:20:20 PM] -+Leaving Fo: 3
[09:20:20 PM] -+Leaving Fo: 2
[09:20:21 PM] -+Leaving Fo: 1
[09:20:25 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!1
[09:20:30 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Welcome to Taz and Val's Hot Spring
[09:20:35 PM] (where is ho: *bows*
[09:20:36 PM] (where is ho: welcome!
[09:20:47 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Kazuki-san!
[09:20:59 PM] (where is ho: how much while it be? the million dollar
worth spring?or a billion? *smiles*
[09:21:03 PM] (where is ho: *will
[09:21:22 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *Kazuki sweatdrops, "Uh, actually, i'm
looking for a friend..."*
[09:21:27 PM] (where is ho: you are?!
[09:21:39 PM] (where is ho: well then u've got to pay an entrance fee
[09:21:51 PM] (where is ho: and that would be....hold on..OH Val!!!
[09:22:01 PM] (where is ho: taz: val!!!
[09:22:10 PM] -+Leaving Fo: oh gosh!
[09:22:14 PM] -+Leaving Fo: taz i need to run off for a while
[09:22:16 PM] -+Leaving Fo: man the fort!
[09:22:20 PM] * -+Leaving For New Zealand on Saturday... BYE BYE!!!+_
is now Be Right Back
[09:22:23 PM] (where is ho: rofl okies then
[09:22:29 PM] (where is ho: be back ASAP
[09:22:39 PM] (where is ho: entrance fee is a billion dollars!
[09:22:49 PM] (where is ho: but you can pay by um..installments :)
[09:23:03 PM] (where is ho: much
[09:23:15 PM] (where is ho: It's just a billion dollars only!
[09:23:17 PM] (where is ho: ^_^
[09:23:33 PM] (where is ho: Kazuki: ^_^||||
[09:23:42 PM] (where is ho: just sign your name here and......
[09:23:49 PM] (where is ho: *kazuki runs off*
[09:23:52 PM] (where is ho: HEY!!!!!
[09:23:53 PM] (where is ho: YOU!
[09:23:57 PM] (where is ho: COME BACK HERE!
[09:24:02 PM] (where is ho: *RUNS*
[09:24:19 PM] (where is ho: *runs in circles supposedly chasing
[09:25:58 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!
[09:26:07 PM] (where is ho: *whams into carrot*
[09:26:10 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!
[09:26:15 PM] (where is ho: IT'S ALIVE YET AGAIN!
[09:26:18 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:26:26 PM] (where is ho: *RUNS INTO GINJI*
[09:26:30 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:26:37 PM] (where is ho: *bams into Ban*
[09:26:40 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:26:46 PM] (where is ho: *bams into wall*
[09:26:50 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:28:07 PM] (where is ho: *bams into kazuki*
[09:28:16 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S
[09:28:22 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[09:29:41 PM] (where is ho: IT'S BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:29:47 PM] (where is ho: AH!!!!!!!!!!
[10:15:22 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ^_^||| i see everything's been going on
[10:15:25 PM] * -+Leaving For New Zealand on Saturday... BYE BYE!!!+_
is now Online
[10:15:31 PM] (where is ho: u're finally back..
[10:15:33 PM] (where is ho: rofl
[10:15:41 PM] (where is ho: wad took u so long?!
[10:15:56 PM] -+Leaving Fo: sry
[10:16:02 PM] -+Leaving Fo: joy's b-dae cake :D
[10:16:06 PM] (where is ho: ah...
[10:16:08 PM] (where is ho: I see...
[10:16:15 PM] (where is ho: Happy b-dae to her then ^^
[10:16:16 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *points at Kazuki hiding behind a tree*
[10:16:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: there he is!
[10:16:22 PM] (where is ho: oh yeah
[10:16:23 PM] -+Leaving Fo: i got Jubei hostage!
[10:16:24 PM] -+Leaving Fo: get him!
[10:16:38 PM] (where is ho: *grabs carrot and stuffs it into barney's
[10:16:41 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *grabs Jubei and handcuffs him
with......... SHOELACES*
[10:16:49 PM] (where is ho: *grabs kazuki*
[10:16:49 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ouch, poor barney
[10:16:55 PM] (where is ho: no..
[10:16:59 PM] (where is ho: it's poor carrot....
[10:17:01 PM] -+Leaving Fo: ol
[10:17:02 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *o
[10:17:03 PM] -+Leaving Fo: lol
[10:17:03 PM] -+Leaving Fo: sry
[10:17:04 PM] -+Leaving Fo: heh heh
[10:17:11 PM] -+Leaving Fo: *ties Kazuki and Jubei to a chair*
[10:17:13 PM] (where is ho: let's all have a moment of silence for the
poor carrot...
[10:17:19 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Now rachelle will suffer...
[10:17:22 PM] (where is ho: *silence*
[10:17:25 PM] -+Leaving Fo: oops
[10:17:27 PM] -+Leaving Fo: sry :D
[10:17:29 PM] (where is ho: OK END OF SILENCE
[10:17:33 PM] (where is ho: rachelle?
[10:17:35 PM] -+Leaving Fo: lmao
[10:17:37 PM] (where is ho: how did she come in?
[10:17:38 PM] -+Leaving Fo: Jubei and Kazuki
[10:17:40 PM] -+Leaving Fo: dunno
[10:17:47 PM] -+Leaving Fo: we got them strapped to a tree
[10:17:50 PM] -+Leaving Fo: wanna go after Shido now?
[10:17:52 PM] (where is ho: THERE SHE GOES...
[10:17:59 PM] -+Leaving Fo: THERE SHE GOES AGAIN...
[10:18:06 PM] (where is ho: *glass breaks*
[10:18:17 PM] (where is ho: yeayea!
[10:18:23 PM] (where is ho: shido,oh shido!!!!!!
[10:18:30 PM] -+Leaving Fo: lol
[10:18:39 PM] -+Leaving Fo: shido! we're ur biggest fanz!
[10:18:40 PM] -+Leaving Fo: LMAO
[10:18:46 PM] (where is ho: *turns into doggie*
[10:19:01 PM] -+Leaving Fo: see this is meh cousin *points at taz*
[10:19:02 PM] -+Leaving Fo: aw

we are mad ppl, i tell you. Well, got nothing else to say. Going to miss everyone here in Singapore. Haiz.


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