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Friday, December 24, 2004 11:02 AM


It's been a while since i blogged. Today is the day of Christmas eve. *does tht sound right?* lol. anyway, gonna have a big celebration tonight.

Last weekend I attended the IAG Advanced Module. It was awesome! I won't blog abt it though, coz there's just too much to talk about. If you want to know what happened, just ask me :P A bit of information: My grp was called Soul Fusion. Members are WengBoh, Benjamin, Derek, Ryan, Asyeeqah, Adabelle and me.

Last night I went to the A Academy X'Mas Bash. Now, that really rocked. I actually wore a low-cut top with a green cargo skirt, then i chickened out and changed to jeans instead. At first the party was dead, no one was doing anything. They split us up into different groups to play games. The group that I was in rocked. Those from my camp were Edmund, Shawn/Sean (sry! i'm not sure how to spell his name), Kimbell, Eugene, Jean (don't tell me i got the spelling wrong), Samantha, Jorina and Alicia. They all rock.

We had a best dressed competition and pinata!! LMAO. Then the fun part came - dancing time. Edmund, Shawn/Sean, Jean, Kimbell, Alicia, Samantha and I all got down on the floor and started dancing. We kind of soon realised that we were the only ones. So we went on stage to dance so as to get other people to dance. Well, this was a bit stupid - they didn't dance, they actually came to the foot of the stage and watched us dance. I was like "Uh... ok" Then we went directly to people to get them to dance. We pushed a few people on stage to dance. LOL. So fun!

Finally after a while, the party was jumping. WengBoh joined the dance, but he kept on denying that he could danced and just moved a bit here and there. Good enough. They played "In The End" by Linkin Park and we were all shouting the song out loud. My brother has been classified "rapper" LMAO. the song "P.I.M.P" by 50-cent played on the speakers and he started rapping out loud. Jean was shouting, "We have a rapper in the house" or something like that. Edmund and Shawn/Sean, according to my brother, kept on asking for a microphone for my brother. LOL.

Then we formed a small circle and we put a couple in the centre to dance. LOL. First was Jean/Edmund, then had Alicia&Shawn/Sean, Samantha and I danced with unknown guys. I can't remember who Kimbell danced with. Might've been me. Coz i danced with some guy wearing white. Haha.

I got to say Edmund, Jean, Shawn/Sean, Samantha, Alicia, Kimbell and Jorina - You guys rock man! Oh so do my group members, but only Derek and WengBoh were at the party. Now I know what it's like to dance with an older guy in a club. I'm so proud of myself. ROFLMFAO.

Well, cya.

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