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Monday, January 03, 2005 6:43 PM


First day of school. Haiz. Well, it was ok. Not say excellent, but neither was it horrible.

I got into top class 2/3. Unbelievable - Believe it. Got Ms Lum as my form teacher. Awesome. Sad thing is that she teaches us english only. Maths is a different teacher. I got Mr Lim HA as my form tutor though. Dang. Who wants a form tutor taking attendance when he can't even pronounce the names properly? Honestly, he doesn't have the best articulation.

Entered the school building after dad dropped me off. It was freaking crowded. Anxious parents all making sure their girls had a class to go to or something. I don't know. First person I saw was Angelina. Later went to my class, walking with Jaslyn and Iris(both in 2/6).

Well, have to say that today was a bit of lonely day for me. The girls in my class who I know best are Sharon, Vanessa Quek and Brenda. Vanessa Quek was absent today. Brenda and Sharon were on prefect duty for Orientation. So literally, i stuck to myself. During recess I brought a book down to read. I felt so lonely. But then again, i'm the kind that likes to stick to herself now and then, yet also talk a lot now and then. I am, what I call, "split-personalitized". Heh.

I'm going to kill Vanessa Quek when she gets back for abadoning me today. :P

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: First Day~