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Friday, January 07, 2005 5:24 PM


Ok... so i don't exactly know how to spell the kranji correctly. Heck. Me going to give a teacher report today. Heh heh.

Ms Lum:
She was my maths teacher last year so I know her quite well. Very very nice lady and a great teacher. She's not the kind that likes to scold, but she will be stern when discipline is needed.

Mr Lim:
Honestly, half the time, I can't understand what he says. He has poor articulation/pronounciation. D & T and PE teacher. I had him for last year D&T.. (someone kill me now!) Ok kidding. Anyways, going to have PE tomorrow, so then I'll see how he is at PE.

Mrs Zhang:
I think she's new, either that or i just haven't seen all the teachers yet. For some reason, she only 'talks' to the front two rows of chinese class. On the first day, I sat right at the back, and from what I saw, her eye contact only went to the first two rows. Today, I sat in the 2nd row to make my life easier. She spent a whole lot of time finding out all our names. We had 10 minutes left and she spent it on the 1st page of the chinese textbook. Dot.

Mrs Jean Tan:
One of the nicest teachers I've ever met. She should become an ALKTG trainer, cause she kind of reminds me of Sherry/Sherrie (Sorry! I forgot how to spell her name) for some reason. Quite the enthusiastic lady.

Mrs Shum:
Anyone noticed her fashion? She wears ONLY ONE colour everyday. Except for her gold bracelets which she wears with everything except pink. Monday it was all pink, including her hair-tie and accesories. Tuesday it was all blue; Wednesday was all yellow; Today was all pink. Wonder what's tomorrow? Orange? Haha. Well, by her teaching, she's quite ok. She likes to crack loads of jokes (Though she doesn't laugh at them, the class does :P) Sharon said she seems more like a 'mom' rather than a teacher.

Ms Shen:
I don't have much to say about her actually. No opinion.

Ms Ying:
I haven't had my first music lesson yet but she taught me last year anyway. I think she's quite ok. Don't know much about her too.

~The Life of A Teenage Girl: Teacher Report