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but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 11:48 PM

"I thought you were my friend
I wanted to keep it that way
After a while of silence
A cold shoulder, is that what i deserve from you

I said hi, you said what
Am I really bothering you that much
We haven't talked in ages, I know
I just asked for something simple

I'll be here whenever You need me
If you ever need me
Your birthday coming?
I'll send you something

I don't expect anything in return
Don't bother
I know a cold shoulder when i see one
Who knows if it'll last forever..."

Something I wrote. It's kind of like a crappy poem, not much rhyme but there is a story behind it. Haha. Well, i am emotionally very sensitive, so yesterday when talking to someone, i could not help but feel like i was given 'the cold shoulder'.

I had a horrible Monday. I slacked my weekend, and received the 'punishment'. Ok, it wasn't exactly a punishment, but it created a irritating paranoia. I realised that I had forgotten to do a lot of homework for various lesson. Reason being that some were not important in my mind, and for others - the teachers weren't there, so they were kind of for-the-whole-week homework, so I also did not bother about them much. But even I know that is nothing but excuses.

I realised it and panicked. That day must have been a somewhat-lucky day for me though, I did not get a scolding from a single teacher. Whew.

Today was ok. After school was when the paranoia started again. My senior forgot to call me the night before to tell me that there was another committee meeting. So I had to push my tuition back by about an hour, so that I could attend at least half the meeting (LiYu and stephanie will fill me in on anything I missed) I left at about 3.05 and went to call Aida, only to find out that no one was at home. I was a bit paranoid walking to the bus stop, because I was scared that I told mum "Meet me at 3.30" instead of "My tuition's at 3.30"

Mum heard me right. Tuition was ok. I got a bit cheered up. My friend who goes to... Balestier, i think, was there. His name is Yun Long, also Sec 2. My brother was at tuition as well and went to use the toliet at some point of time when Yun Long came out to drink water. Soon, he needed to use the toliet as well, and banged the door and told my brother to hurry up. Of course, my brother took a while, so i warned Yun Long that he likes to take his time. When Yun Long finally could use the toliet, he started complaining and joking about how the toliet 'stunk'. Haha. He's a cool dude.

When I got home, i immediately took a shower and sat down to finish my homework. By dinner time, I still hadn't completed everything. I just completed my homework, after my piano lesson. Heh.

Being on the committee rocks, but it is time pressuring. I am not exactly the girl with 'empty days' everyday. I still have two subject tuitions, piano tuition, swimming (i'm going to convince my mum to cancel it), committee meetings, normal media club meetings, study hours, homework time and a bit of free time whenever possible. Ok, and some time to practise dance.

"In the noisy corner of the world
The valuable words sometimes slip through
No matter how much darkness closes around us
I'll run through it persistantly
Tomorrow is still unknown"

-Sekai No Katasumi De(In the Corner of the World)// BoA.