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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 9:07 PM

Peer tutoring rocks! First session was today, and we started late, because by the time everyone settled in class and Mrs Khoo gave out the worksheets, 10 to 15 minutes had passed already. They divided the peer tutors into seperate classes. We were to tutor students from 2/1 and 2/2

I tutored three girls, Pearlyn, Bernita and Phyllis from 2/2. They're pretty cool. Pearlyn is still as cartoony as ever. Haha.

Had my third test today. Science Test. It was pretty difficult, I studied a whole lot of information from textbook and notes, only to find out that most of it didn't come out in the test. Haiz.

I wanted to give myself a break today. Cat invited me to follow her to Junction 8 for a while. I was pretty surprised when mum allowed me. Because it was at BISHAN, which is pretty far from where I live. She did, just that I had to call her when I was there.

So after peer tutoring, Cat, Vanessa Q. and I took bus to Toa Payoh. Then MRT. Vanessa was actually headed for home, but she accompanied us because our stop was on the way to her house.

Went down to comic connection. No new posters. Bleaghz. Then went to Mos Burger for a bite, McDonalds and KFC were too crowded. Went home by myself via MRT. Heh heh. Yeah.

Well, i better get started on my CME presentation.