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Sunday, February 06, 2005 12:04 AM

Finally! A saturday. Well, so it's saturday NIGHT already. At least I get the break.

Happy 14th Birthday to Weihong. lol. he tagged my board. To his tag: Yeah, of course i'll remember, you're my friend. Stay in touch with ya, kz? ;)

Since i'm heading down to HPPS on tuesday, I had to go for make-up class for tuition this morning. My friend Yun Long went with his sister too. Make-up class as well. lol. I didn't get to chat with him much this round, but yeah. Robin didn't come to class today. Weird. Aunt Florence said he was suppose to come for the earlier lesson but he never turned up.

I kind of realised that more people are starting to call me Val rather than Valerie. LOL. not much difference. But it now does seem that EVERYONE calls me Val, not Valerie. I was thinking about it after lunch today, and I came to realise that I was not sure when was the last time anyone outside my family called me Valerie. I don't know. Even Yun Long calls me Val. Robin doesn't call me by name. LOL. He just starts talking and I kind of know that i'm the one who's suppose to respond. Dixon calls me Val, Taz calls me Val, Stace calls me Val... AH! Brenda calls me Valerie. LMAO.

Ok so that was a weird topic to blog about. Ah well.

Once again, Happy birthday to WeiHong.