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Monday, February 07, 2005 10:09 PM

I managed to escape presenting my CME project today because of the fact that the girls doing the first topic on Family Relationships took a long time, and that the laptop was super slow in loading the presentations. I guess i didn't have anything to worry about.

I am really hyper now. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve, so I get to go back to HPPS! Yay! Get to see WISHES and my twin bro dixon! Well, except for sue, since she's going back to Malaysia for reunion dinner. Haiz.

Well, I hung out with Dorothy, Sharon and RuYing during lunch. Dorothy and RuYing are really cool. lol. Dorothy's pretty chatty, you can talk to her about almost anything. RuYing is not so, but she's really nice. I found out an interesting fact: RuYing is my best friend's cousin. LOL. Hear that, majace? You're my classmate's cousin! LMAO. I tagged her blog and told her already. heh heh.

Today's common test was Geography. It was pretty hard. Mrs Shum set the paper, and she gave spacing for the questions. For a five mark question, she gave a whole set of lines long enough for a TEN mark question, not a five. Sheesh. Scared my whole class to death, we thought we had to write THAT much.

I'm starting to get along better with my sister. All those people who know me well, know that my ultimate favourite in my family is my elder brother. He rockz. Now, growing up and going through tough times has made me more mature, I can handle my sister now. I used to be pretty impatient, so i end up ignoring so that we both don't get irritated with each other. I can have decent conversations with her now. And that's definitely cool.

Btw, I got another crush ;) :P. NO DETAILS. LMAO