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Tuesday, February 08, 2005 9:19 PM

Happy Chinese New Year!

School Celebration was pretty cool. Modern dance, indian dance *which is the most popular*, malay dance, chinese dance, gym and some ballet prodigies. It ended ONE hour earlier than expected. So Teresa, WaiJean, Nikki and I took a bus down to HPPS first.

We kind of crashed the celebration when we got there, because they were giving out gifts to the parents and we were 'in the way'. Lolx. We went up to the gallery with some secondary ones who came back as well. Met Mr Lim there and gave him oranges. 'Bai Nian' lolx.

After that we were pretty much left alone since we were VERY early. WaiJean left cause she had the urge to play computer. Jessica Walker came soon after. She has changed a whole lot. She's more feminine than before. MUCH more.

One by one the rest of WISHES started coming. Pammie came after a while. COOKIES! Haha. Then Cuitian, then Tazia, and last Majace. The boys came to. Michael and WeiHong didn't come this time. Evil. lolx.

We went out for lunch after that. 10 of us - Caryn, Pammie, Majace, Nikki, Cui, Dixon, BengHong, Jarad and me. Ok it was suppose to be dixon as the only guy, then Jarad and BengHong came so they just joined us. Haven't seen Caryn in a hell of a long time. So yeah.

Pammie, BengHong and Cui headed back home after that, the rest came to my house. Yep, another one. Jarad is the only other guy i've invited to my house. Lolx. I kind of abandoned the two boys with my brother and his friends *sorry!* and I brought the girls to watch a movie.

They've all gone home now since it's Chinese New Year Eve. I'm waiting for dad to come back before going for Reunion Dinner at grandma's.

Happy Chinese New Year