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Monday, February 14, 2005 9:00 PM


New commitment: Musical Theatre. A group project to create a 2-minute body percussion with three parts. Shucks. Just when I thought I was free from any more projects.

I'm quite scared. After musical theatre I was pretty troubled, and of course Sharon, being the one sitting next to me since first day noticed it. Well, I just said I'm scared that I will get hit by stress in the weeks to come, she said that I was doing pretty well so I shouldn't worry about anything. But I am worried.

I didn't volunteer, but they said my name, and just wrote it down for me to be leader. Obviously I felt angry. I wanted to protest, but what could I do? So i just kept quiet. I don't mind being leader. But leader means a hell load of responsibility and I'm pretty frazzled already so I didn't want to take up the role. Sadly, I can't back out now. Damn it. Tammie and Vanessa are getting irritated that my scheudule isn't exactly very helpful right now. I can't help it. I got loads things to keep to. I don't mind failing music, but I can't pull the whole group down with me.

I'm scared of group conflict and irritation with each other. I mean, come on, I'm the leader now. I have to take the responsibility to make sure everyone's all right. I nearly had arguement today, but I won't elaborate on that.

I was pretty dazed today. I just kept on thinking what might happen in the coming weeks. I can't stand it. I need a break. A big one. The next time there's a group thing - I'll let someone else go.

I'm pretty tied up this week. Maybe I'll ask one of my friends whether they want to go out for lunch next week. For now, I'll go talk to my elder brother.

7:35 AM

Whoa. Chinese New Year's been pretty hoppin'.

Wednesday: Went to visit paternal grandparents for breakfast. When i was done eating, I went to sms all my friends to wish them happy chinese new year. Talked a bit to weihong and arnold.. yeah, that's it. Then went to visit maternal grandparents for lunch. We have tradition thing where the whole family lines up and one by one they have to kneel down and hug grandpa and grandma, and for the kids, to receive their hong baos. After that we went home and went to Uncle Kim's place for a while. Dad and Uncle Richard had to help him fix his IPod. They were more concerned about the IPod than Uncle Kim was. LMAO. Then went to Aunt GuiYi's hse for dinner. Hung out wif my brothers and my two cousins.

Thursday: I can't recall much... um, we went to Uncle Yong's *kor's godfather* for lunch. Godpa Anthony and Godma Anita came back!!!!! YAY!!!! Lolx. saw them and talk to them a bit. Ally's nine now and Alex's seven. Alex has definitely grown up. LOL. Went to paternal grandparents' hse for dinner and tossed yu sang. *however the hell u spell it*

Went back to school on friday and nearly died from PE. dang it.

Yesterday, I had to host a party for mum and her friends. Had to put up a playlist for music and serve all the guests. Of course I got my hong baos and got to eat. But i was super exhausted after that. Charmaine and Kim came over and we talked a bit. Haha.

I want to hang out wif the gang soon. For lunch perhaps. Don't know.