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Saturday, February 19, 2005 11:31 PM

I had a really 'big-time-shopping' day today.

First was Media Club Committee meeting. Unfortunately because of the fact that I planned to go down to the SAJC fun fair first, I missed quite a lot of meeting as I had to leave early. Anglia filled me on what went on. (Well, part of it)

It was so freaking hot. Oh and get this, I had $70 worth of tickets($20 from mr. foo, who wasn't interested in going so gave them to me) to split between me, jaslyn and vanessa at first (Brenda had her own $10) then my mum called me and said she had already paid for another $200 from my jiejie, so i had to take $100 from her and spend it all. Crazy!

The day went like a mad rush, we rode the viking ship two or three times, since it was $4 per person and there was four of us. We didn't play any games though, didn't feel like it. And we bought drinks and popsicles, no food.

Then we spent quite some money on balloons. Lolx. The JC students running the balloon stall thought we were mad - Brenda bought 6 stalks of balloon tulips but they all burst as the day went by, then we passed by it and I paid for a balloon dog for vanessa so as to get some money off my back, then Jaslyn wanted some tulips so we bought a six for her. Then I desperately needed to spend more of the tickets so Brenda bought a huge flower and Jaslyn bought 15 more stalks. The guy was about to faint. Haha.

After that I went to the hall and bought a whole load of things. A bag, hand-made greeting cards (I collect cards), loads of candles, a pandan cake, a small stuffed dog, a set of ring files, a packet of snack, a japanese remix cd, a GetBackers poster, a small hand-painted decorative tile, a hand-made necklace and a wallet. Yeah.

Some of the stall owners must have thought I was insane, because after a while they started giving discounts and I told them that they could take the whole thing and that I was desperate and being generous. Like when I bought the japanese remix cd, it was suppose to be $5 but was on half price discount and I told the guy he could keep the extra. Then I spotted the poster and really wanted it so I paid this another guy for it, and the guy who sold me the cd came and said that the money i gave him just now should cover it, but I immediately said that I didn't mind and was desperate to use up my tickets. Heh heh.

We hung out at the grand stand of the racing track a few times to rest and talk a bit. It was so hot. I got a bit of sunburn on my face and now my arms are a darker colour than the rest of my body (i was wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt)